Orces? What?
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What the heck is an “Orces?”

Sounds like a bunch of trolls chasing after a group of small people with fur on their feet.

I’ve been hearing the word quite a bit lately among the independent film industry.

Evidently, an “orces” is a type of movie made in a patchwork style. A script is prepared, and various portions of the script are considered to be “modules,” and each module is handed out to an actor. Other actors can replace any module they want with their own module and thereby become part of the movie.

I found this explanation:

An ”Orces“ is a complete motion picture (of either ”short“ or ”feature“ lengths) that is constructed from a modular basis. One entire poem is recited/performed, with segments of the poem divided up among the various performers. In that manner, each segment can be replaced by a different performer in a quilt work fashion, thusly resulting in a variety of different versions of the motion picture.

In initial version of the project will be a version of selected performers. Subsequent versions will be versions where various other segments performed by additional performers will be substituted in according to the personal tastes of the person who buys their custom version of the resulting DVD.

The word "Orces" is of uncertain origination, but appears to be related to the Latin word Orcus, which meant a mythological, lesser god of the underworld.

A version of the word, orcné, can be traced to the epic poem, Beowulf, the famed Old English epic work. As orces is a type of visual poem gaining popularity in the poetry world, this origination is probably our best estimation of the actual origination of the word. "Orces" is also a fairly rare surname in the USA, with only 12 births since 1900 bearing that surname. Some historical data shows the surname tracing to 19th Century Eucador, Brazil and Columbia. (FamilySearch.org).

Anyway, it sounds intriguing. I have heard of modular style films before, though. Sounds like a fun way to become part of a movie, where there can be hundreds of versions of the movie. I hope it is an open source type of thing that everyone can join into.

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