Once Upon a Friendship
[ Non-fiction : Poetry/ ]

The timeless bond that keep us together
Connecting on a deep level
Countless moments that are engraved in out heats.
Friends should be cherished and friendships seen as a present from God;
yet a bittersweet experience.

Moments of uncertainty and pain
Moments that can make or break are quickly overcome with the anticipation of better times.

Times you will never forget
Times filled with craziness and pure joy
Times when you ask yourself
"How did I ever live without this person?" or say "I can't imagine my life without you".

Friends change your outlook on life
They challenge your ability to love by forcing you to open your heart
Friends teach you forgiveness, patience and to trust to the point that your heart hurts.

When all is said:
True friends protect their relationships even from each other
True friendships know no regret and will always fight to be.
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