First Date

I checked myself in the mirror one last time.
I'm not nervous.
Am I nervous?
Maybe I should wear a different shirt. This one's a little suggestive. Is red suggestive? What about blue?
Should I bring a coat? Will it be cold? No, it won't be cold, it's June.
Oh, but what if she gets cold? Then I have to have the coat.
Does my coat smell bad? Yes. The last time I wore it was coming home from the gym.
Oh crap, it's already 6:30! The date's at 7!

I opened the door, scrambled out, shut the door, ran to the elevator, hit the “down” button, stood in front of the elevator. I made a mistake while performing every single one of those actions.
The closed and daunting elevator doors were reflecting a tinted world back at me.
I noticed my reflection and ran back into the apartment.
I put on clothes. I left the apartment again.
Did I lock the door? I had better.
I entered the elevator.
I looked at my watch.
Oh God, I shouldn't have worn a watch! She'll think I'm a nerd.
Maybe I am a nerd. She'll have to accept me for who I am.
Am I a nerd? I guess I use my computer a little too much. I play Tetris sometimes...

There was a ding and I stepped out of the elevator and I ran through the revolving door and ran down the street and into my car and started the engine and sped down the road.
I checked my hair in the mirror.
I wonder if she likes brown hair. She has blonde hair.
Is my hair messy? Oh, but if it's too neat, I'll be even more of a nerd. Should my hair be rebellious?
I'm not nervous. I nervous?

I arrived.
I breathed in and out slowly, or maybe it was quickly but I didn't notice it was. I did breathe. I do breathe. Often. But I'm telling you about this particular breath.
Am I nervous?
I exited the car and I began to hear my heart beat in my ears.
I walked across the street to the rhythm of my heart.
There was the restaurant.
There she is. Wow, she's beautiful.
I melted a little.
She was wearing a maroon outfit, holding her purse at her waist, standing there like a woman wearing a maroon outfit holding her purse at her waist. I don't remember seeing anyone that beautiful who was a real person that I had to converse with.
I wasn't so nervous anymore.
I stepped up the restaurant's front steps. Everything was in slow motion.
She got closer and closer just by standing there; I think that was because I was moving. I don't remember.
Suddenly she was there.
"Hi," she said with a smile.
I smiled and stared at her, and opened my mouth.
No words.
Time passed by.
I kept my smile so I passed off as sane but mute.
She tilted her head slightly downwards so she could look up at me like I was strange. Strands of her delicate hair fell over her delicate face delicately.
I realized I wasn't breathing but did nothing about it.
I should've brought my coat, because I was freezing.
I looked now as if I was going to give birth out of my mouth. She stepped back instinctually.
Wow, it really is cold. Odd, it was hot just a moment ago...
I blinked but my eyes didn't finish and they stayed closed.
It must have been strange for her because I was no longer conscious.
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