Float freely and Peacefully

What I want out of life is hope and happiness, to "burn out" from my symptoms and to be able to learn to live a successful and symptom free life. I long for a bright future, where all of my dreams come true and hope floats miles and miles amongst the rest of my life and future. I long for independence and for strength to defeat this long term battle. With motivation and dreams this life can come true and life can be successful and hope does shine forth with abundance.

I feel full of fear and full of tiredness and sleepy feelings. Anger, disappointment, loneliness and frustration multiply my wishes for a fast track to heaven. I have tons of support and my support is growing abundantly and I am forever greatful.

Strive and fight through these negative feelings and I can gain insight and strength, my own inner strength is watching and waiting to fly like a butterfly spreading its beauty before it. My eyes are the windows to my soul and change color according to the free floating feelings I am forever experiencing.

Time to let loose and accept me for me, after all others accept me for me and I do need to also. Time to travel into a new level of life, which is full of enrichment and happiness, hope and love. Allow the love to flow like the rapids and to forgive all of the turmoil I've seen, done, heard and felt. Grow into that butterfly, float freely and peacefully for ever more.
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