"Woah, I know kung fu," said Keanu Reeves.
September 17 2008

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Meeting actors was never something that I aspired to do, but when I finally did, I can tell you that it feels great and itís quite an adrenaline rush. It was the winter of 2006 and I was visiting Chicago with my sister and my fiancť and we were having a great time seeing all the sights and visiting all of the historical landmarks and simply experiencing the city itself. Nobody in my family had ever been to Chicago including myself and we were on a strict schedule and despite it being the mega-metropolis that it is, we wanted to try to see it all. Wanting to experience as much as we could, we decided to walk for the majority of our time there and let me tell you, it paid off big time. We were walking along Michigan Avenue going into each of the shops, and I was mainly hanging out enjoying the sights and people watching while my sister and fiancť shopping their hearts content, because to tell you the truth Iím not that big of a shopping kind of guy myself.
It was when we arrived to the famous and quite enormous Nike store that all my patience was rewarded in a big way. Now I probably watch far more movie than the average person, far more. However, Iíll always watch them subjectively, finding the good and the bad within each film and being a critic of sorts. So I would never put an actor or any celebrity on some sort of pedestal higher than any average citizen, I could see how those people who scream and jump up and down might be a little unsettling to these popular people. I mean, how would you want a fan to act if you were in their shoes, I know Iíd want to be treated just like anyone else. So thatís the outlook I took throughout my life, never really getting the chance to see any celebrities hence never getting the chance to test out my will power and sort of put my money where my mouth is. Letís be serious now, if anyone of us ran into Harrison Ford or Steven Spielberg at the local Burger King, weíd all be at least a little star struck, itís normal right.
Letís get down to it shall we, I walked into the Nike store, and looked around for a few minutes, not really noticing anyone around me. Why should I care what other people have on their shopping lists, right? So I was deep in the store when my sister stopped dead in her tracks in front of me, and her jaw dropped. When she whispered my name in urgency I didnít even pay attention, and it wasnít until she grabbed me and spun me around that I actually noticed. It was a relatively small area with a couple of benches for trying on shoes, and there was nobody around except for two Nike employees standing off to the side, and they looked like they were assisting the only other person in the room. There on the bench, dressed in all black, was Neo himself, the point breaker Keanu Reeves. I was shocked at how quiet it was, I mean, there was literally nobody in the store, and itís not like they had closed the place, it was just a regular weekday morning, and there were no shoppers inside. It was utterly amazing, I couldnít believe it.
Well Iím pleased to say that I stayed true to my word and my advised stability of manners and hospitality. I did however have a camera and I wasnít going to leave there without at least attempting to get a picture with him or an autograph or something, actually, I didnít want to do it but my sister and fiancť pushed my into it, and to this day Iím glad they did. Not only did I get a picture with him, but I had a little friendly chat with him too. I asked him how his band was doing, knowing enough about the show business news to know that he had a band on the side just like many actors and actresses have these days. He said they were doing great and I snapped the photo, shook his hand and we were on our way. As we left the Nike store, my adrenaline was still pumping hard and I was still in slight amazement over what had just happened. Although I did keep my calm, and was very mannerly and polite, I did feel the urge to do more. So after leaving the store and walking a few feet down the street, I saw a mother and her son who were filming the city with their camera, they seemed to be out of town tourists like myself. They looked like nice humble people, and the son looked a little nerdy, and, well, you can just tell the Matrix fans when you see them. So what I did next was almost an out of body experience, I could see myself doing it, but I couldnít stop, the adrenaline needed an output and it took over my actions. I walked up to the mother and son and asked them if they were Keanu Reeves fans, and they excitedly said yes as if they sensed something exciting about to happen. I said, ďWell heís inside the Nike Store right now!Ē and I told them I just took a picture with him and they should do the same. Well, the person behind me heard me, and asked what was happening, and I of course happily told them, and the word spread like wildfire. I suppose I wanted to share with others the joy I had just experienced at meeting one of my favorite actors. Well, a few minutes later Keanu Reeves came out and was laughing at how fast the hysteria had exploded, resulting in people screaming and mobs following him down the street as if he were the Beatles on a reunited press tour. Well, the mobs of fans eventually calmed down and he walked away with a big smile on his face, and thatís about it. You know what, just to be able to share that great experience with the mother and son, knowing that I was able to generate a happy memory. I would definitely do it all over again.

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