November 27 2008


It is really shocking and sad due to the terror attacks at Mumbai on 26th November, 2008. More or so after the attack the people were made hostages at 3 different places. This gruesome act has taken the life of our most capable officers. May God rest their souls in peace.

If our Government were not so soft on terrorists in the past, we would have not faced this situation. These cold blooded murderers only understand the language of weapons. They should be shot at their very sight instead of giving them a benefit of doubt or whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing and listening to the series of such bomb blasts and terrorism at various places and the latest one in Delhi with a series of blasts which has taken the life of so many innocents and now again a SHAMEFUL AND DISTRESSING terror attack has taken and shaken the nation to a standstill and shocking state of mind.

Honourable Prime Minster, Dr. Manmohan Singh has strongly condemned the attack and refereed it as an attempt to destabilize the country. This attack was very well planned and framed to target the high profile places and people of Mumbai.
He has also expressed the desire to have a Central Agency to handle terrorism in the country. I hope it works out well and soon before the terrorism takes the new and more shocking turn in our country.

I really appreciate the tremendous courage shown by Mumbai Police and the anti-terrorist squad to handle the situation and fight the terrorism and the terrorists, especially, the then Anti Terrorist Chief Hemant Khare, who has laid his life to save the people. Khare was also probing the Malegaon blasts, was shot three times in the chest.

The attackers are expected to be NON-INDIANS and their aim was to create chaos and terror in the most flourished and commercial METRO CITY OF INDIA….AMCHI MUMBAI!!! They have entered into Mumbai via sea route in a boat and have targeted various places including two renowned five star hotels by killing and injuring thousands of people present at various sites.

I strongly condemn the ridiculous sadism and killing the innocent people for their selfish yet pointless motive which is not even clearly known to them. Although Government would take care of the medical expenses of the injured but this is not the solution to fight out terrorism. Government needs to improve the security and tighten the existing laws.

Terrorism is a global menace and I think the time has come that whole WORLD should unite together to fight out the GRUESOME AND MANIAC ACT OF TERRORISM

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