I know....
April 8 2009

I know that there is freedom of religion and I also know that there is freedom of speech. I know that no matter who you are, or what you religion, or the color of your skin... that we ALL face racism in different degrees. Being a born again Christian I do face a lot of discrimination. I know that when I speak about my faith people tend to not listen and tend to want to run from it or to blame God for all of the things happening in the world today. I face a lot of different persecution for my beliefs and I am aware that it is getting harder and harder to be a believer in this world. I know that the Bible is God's written word and that very few people take time to read it and try to understand what is written. I know... A lot of people refuse to read the last Chapter, Revelations and they try to pretend that it is not reality and that it was just written as a story and is not real. I know that the things that are written in the last chapter are becoming a reality to this world and that we ALL need to be looking up and praising the King of KIngs, I know that He is coming soon and that many people, billions of people all around the world do not believe this. I know that the suffering that one will experience in Hell is more than one could ever imagine here on earth. I know that people will read this and be angry at me for writing this and for also voicing my belief's and I know that this is probably going to stir up mixed emotions. I believe that He died for us, I believe that God gave Man freedom of choice and that WE ALL fall short of His glory. I believe that He is coming back for us and we much live by what His written word says to us and under the Holy Spirit's guidance. If you don't believe me, read revelations and if you don't want to that then, think about this. What if I am right? Where are you going to spend eternity? He saved my sole and He made me whole, even with everything that I have been through and more. He is coming back and I know it...
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