Good Morning World
June 29 2009

I woke up this morning, so good morning world. Today is going to be a day of emotions, all of them. Most days are. They are made of love, laughter, tears, and prayer. Even the simplest thought can be a prayer. My thought and prayer for today are as follows:

Oh Great and Mighty Creator

Please accept our admissions of sin and rinse our hearts and souls with your loving kindness. Spread your crystal light, surrounding our universe with your goodness. Protect the innocent creatures of our world, and help us to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. Let us not reply in anger at another who disagrees with us, or who defames us. Help us open our hearts to your way of handling these type of reactions by turning the other cheek. If our feet leave the ground, please Oh Mighty Creator, The One and Only I am, gently guide us back to the path of safety. Surround not only our loved ones and friends, but our enemies as well with your love and crystal brightness. IF I can help someone along a rocky path today, please accompany me as I do so. Be my guiding light. For these things we ask, we thank Thee with our very souls, our essence. Most of all, Thank you for loving us, and for the bountiful gifts you have provided us with. To Thee, Our Almighty Creator be the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory forever.


(c) amy jean
a.k.a. A. J. Angerstein
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