July 5 2009
[ Non-fiction : Romance/Poetry/ ]

I watched your back as you leave
My heart bled, waiting to grieve
I saw you with her in the light
Your eyes twinkling, like stars in the night.

Your arm is wrapped around her arm
Sheís so lucky, your touch is warm
I closed my eyes, to the heavens, I wished
I was the one you had sweetly kissed.

You laughed happily with her
As if your life had never been better
Your laughter still tingles in my ear
The laughter, I would so love to hear.

I couldnít stop looking
My heart kept on bleeding
Iím jealous donít you see
I wouldnít be if you were with me.

Iím dying donít you know?
Itís just a day after you let go
You should have known Iíd be jealous
Are you doing this on purpose?

I despise the girl youíre with
Keeping my anger between my teeth
Iím jealous of her because sheís with you
Because of her, you left me without a clue.

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