August 16 2009

The Hand

Jennah stood mesmerized by the scene unfolding before her deep blue eyes. The thought of what would have just happened had she stepped off the curb to cross the busy intersection wildly crossed her mind. She and her husband Matt would have both been struck down by the vehicle that was now being rammed into action by the older grey pickup behind it. The lady at the wheel of the car was doing everything she could do not to let herself get pushed into the oncoming traffic, while trying to call the police. Then as suddenly as the pickup rammed her, he backed up and did it again, sending her about 12 feet out into the intersection. Cars turning were slamming on brakes, trying to avoid others. As if that wasn’t enough action for the driver of the grey pickup, he slammed his gears in reverse and once again rammed the little car, this time succeeding in moving her almost 200ft. As she gained control and tried to get away from him, the harder he tried to run her down, swerving to the right. The passenger of the pickup had a wild eyed look of terror and shock. As the driver of the pickup swerved he lost control sending him careening into the ditch, striking the telephone pole head on. The pickup now quickly rolling on the passenger side tires only was destined to flip. Everyone, including Jennah could see it. Several people including Matt were on their cell phones, calling 911. Someone was about to cross that great river, or at the very least be severely injured. It would probably be the passenger. She was the one in the most immediate danger. Did she have on a seatbelt? Jennah could not remember seeing one. She just remembered the young woman’s wild eyed look. As suddenly as the telephone pole exploded, the pickup spun back toward the road, all four wheels now safely on the ground. The driver of the pickup though, seemed to be hell bent and bound on fury. He headed directly into the oncoming traffic of the southbound vehicles. Cars and trucks were coming to a screeching halt. Finally, the busted up pickup came to a halting stop as he crossed the last lane and ended up in the grassy area of a strip mall. People from all over were running, trying to find out the extent of injuries. Surely there had to be some. Others, were looking for the little car. It was no where to be found. Was it turned upside down, rolling beyond the hedges? The whole entire scenario was completely unbelievable.

But the most unbelievable part was when the driver of the pickup got out and started to run, and the passenger emerged, and just looked around then slumped down on the side of the pickup her head in her hands. About that time the driver returned, for whatever reason unbeknown, and then ran off again. Leaving the girl still there. She appeared fine, to the onlookers and the witnesses who had seen the entire thing, but they were still all completely amazed that no one had been injured by this horrid event. The driver of the little car drove in, and the police started questioning everyone. About that time someone noticed the girl was gone. She also, had decided to run. However, the officers were in quick pursuit and caught both the driver and the passenger of the pickup.

Jennah, her husband Matt and another eye witness were asked to go to the police station to give complete eye witness accounts of the accident. When Jennah had completed the written form the detective in charge asked her to please tell in her own words what she had seen, after he completely read what she had written. She explained it this manner as she stood before him starring into his deep eyes.

"What I saw with my eyes is written down on the paper. What I saw with my heart and soul, my very essence isn’t. Which version do you want"?

"Both, but first the written version. In brief form, please". He said as he smiled. He could tell she was still shaken by what she had observed, as witnesses usually are. Still he had to know if her thoughts matched what she had written. As she quickly told him, he scanned over the document once again. He nodded, thanking her for her co-operation, asking her to be seated.

As she sat there, waiting impatiently, her thoughts began to wander. She observed the old carpet, the brick walls, the furniture of the station. It wasn’t fancy, it was economical, it was simply usable. There were no frills. Nothing to give comfort to those who worked there. These men and women who served their community endlessly, worked with only the bare essentials. When the officer returned he looked at her and asked quietly, "What did you see with your heart madam"?

Jennah took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. "I saw THE HAND. IT HAD TO BE THE HAND. It was a miracle that no one was injured or killed. Not one single person. The only thing that could have kept that pickup from flipping, or hitting another vehicle as it crossed that heavily trafficked road was THE HAND. THE HAND OF THE CREATOR, THE GREAT SPIRIT, THE GREAT I AM, GOD, Whatever you want to think of it as, or call what you believe in, it had to be THE HAND. Maybe a host of Angels were present also, but I know, not think, with my every fibre that it was the THE HAND THAT KEPT THAT PICKUP UPRIGHT. THAT PASSENGER, THAT DRIVER, AND EVERYONE ELSE, wether they know or accept it, was protected by that HAND. There is no other explanation, as far as I am concerned. I have witnessed a lot of miracles in my lifetime. The birth of children, people surviving operations, the mountains, the earth in general with all of it’s wonderful gifts of nature. But today, I saw the actual HAND OF THE CREATOR AT WORK. Yes, I observed the accident, saw it first hand, but to me, I SAW THE HAND, AND I SAW EVIL GET BEATEN. Pretty awesome, huh?" Jennah smiled at the officer, not caring whether he thought she was crazy or not.

He looked down, then back up. "Yes, Jennah, it is awesome, it is awesome everytime I see it. Come on, I will take ya’ll home."


© A. J. Angerstein

Aug. 15, 2009

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Comments from Our Readers

  "WOW! What an experience! It sounds like evil was present but the hand of God prevailed. There is victory in Jesus!" - Jim, August 16 2009 - reply
  "very touching and very well written" - jimfalcon, August 17 2009 - reply
  "I beleive all of it as I know that God is there for us in all our ways. Nice job of writing. Love you" - Hattie Angerstein, August 17 2009 - reply
  "You and I have both seen the the Hand and felt it at times and hope to be around for alot more" - Elizabeth, August 19 2009 - reply
  "this was a heart felt somes up those times in our life when we witness unbelievable unexplainable events like this one.God is good." - chris, August 23 2009 - reply

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