October 14 2009

As far back as I can remember, both my twin and I had felt “different” from other people. I hate to use the word “psychic” because there has been so much stigma attached to that in the past. Instead, I prefer to think of us as “sensitive”, able to tune in to things that the average person does not see, feel, or know. Spirits seemed to be attracted to us, and we were empathic as well, able to feel other people's emotions. I believe that we were given these abilities in order to help people, a calling, as it were.

When we were small, our gifts developed at a steady pace, but it seemed that we reached a peak of some kind in our early teen years, where these gifts were not ready to progress any further. To both of us, it seemed as if there were something missing, although neither could say what it was. I worked on stepping over this “bump in the road”, and I thought of it, off and on over the years, but made very little progress. It became very frustrating to me to know that I had the potential to do so much more, if only that missing something would rear its head. Although you can never fully get away from paranormal activity if it is in your genes, during my late teens and early twenties I started to focus more on the mundane aspects of life, drifting away from my studies for the time being. Naturally, my abilities began to go dormant.

Unfortunately, this is when I learned that ignoring your gifts only leads you into places you were never supposed to go. It took a very dark time, an abusive relationship, and the resulting emotional trauma to get me back on track. It was about this time that I started to feel a presence around me almost all the time, but could never quite pin it down. I knew it was not malevolent, but other than that I couldn't say just what it might be.

Shortly before my 35th birthday, however, I would not only learn what, but why. As I lay in bed one night, staring at the ceiling, I saw what can only be described as a shadow entering my room. I did not feel threatened at all, however, or endangered in any way. In fact, I felt the exact opposite, and the only way I can describe it is a sense of welcome, calming and serene. Still, it frightened me somewhat, so I told it to go away. Slowly it slid out through the door, but returned again several times. I know now that it was giving me time to prepare myself for what was coming, and to accept that it was meant to be.

Finally, on the last night, when the shadow returned, I welcomed it. I assume it knew that I was ready because it approached the bed where I lay and slid into me, disappearing and melding the two of us together. It was over quickly, and I rolled over and fell asleep. It was not until later the next day that I thought about what happened. There was no panic in me – it merely felt right, meant to be.

A few months later, while speaking to my twin, the conversation turned to the paranormal, as it so often does, and I discovered that my twin had experienced the same thing, only several years before. We both now know that these 'shadows' were merely the parts of ourselves that were missing for so long, waiting until the time was right for them to come home. Our gifts have since grown and developed as they should have so long ago, had we only been ready.

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  "Fascinating. I had to go back and check whether the story was posted under Fiction or Non-Fiction. " - Stan, October 16 2009 - reply

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