December 16 2009

A few months later;

Suzannah walked from one room to the other, her little toy poodle following her. Itto, while tiny was very protective of her, and was a joy to have around. He even lay silently beside her when she would meditate. Lately, he had been on her heels constantly, as if he sensed that something out of the ordinary was taking place. Quite often he would accompany her to the hospital on her volunteer days. Itto, as well as
several other animals within the area often helped, especially with the children and the elderly. There was just something about petting or holding an animal that cheered one up, or calmed one down. As she checked the doors and windows one more time, she decided to settle down on a beanbag in front of the fireplace, with a book. It wasn’t an extremely cold night, but there was a slight chill in the air, so she threw on a couple of
logs and got out her book. The house was so quiet with the kids all on their own now, and she spent a lot of time reading. Along around one o’clock her eyes began to blur and the words kept repeating them selves. Suzannah put the book down and itto climbed into lap as she pulled the lightweight blanket over her. Sleep began to overtake her as the shadows danced on the walls. Drifting off, she she heard the faint sound of a lullaby somewhere in the outer realm of her world, and peaceful sleep wandered in. As she slept the shadows became like trees gently swaying around her, and she found herself walking in unfamiliar territory. The foliage and the trees were calling her by name into the abyss of a green grassy meadow. She had no fear of the creatures of the night, they belonged here, and ignored her as she made her way across the lush green grass. She could see people sitting on the ground, resting from a weary days work, children running
and playing. One lady in particular was carrying a woven blanket and gave it to a little boy. He looked up and grinned a special grin. Grandfather, she thought to herself, Grandfather as a child. As he wrapped the blanket around himself, he reached up and thanked the lady, then he began to grow. Suddenly he was a man again, and speaking her name, softly telling her the time had come for her to wake up. Her eyes opened and
she silently looked around the house. The clock read 2:10 am. Even tho it had only been a short sleep she felt wide awake, as though she had rested all night. Getting up, she started toward the kitchen thru the dining area, when the radio came on. She glanced over at it. The time was 2:18 pm. Itto emitted a low growl and she turned
toward the picture window looking out. Wondering if she had actually set the alarm or not, she reached over and touched the dials on the radio. “Well, Itto, I guess there is no more sleep tonight, let’s say we forget the coffee okay? Let’s head over to the hospital”. Itto ran anxiously to the door, ignoring the sounds of the embers crackling, and the dancing shadows then barked at her as if to say, ‘hurry up’. She laughed and
reached for her jacket and they started off for the hospital. Even tho they had only been a part of this community a short time in comparison to most of the people around here, they had quickly adapted to the ways of the area. Respect others, and you will get respect back. The hospital was only about a 10 minute walk and even this late at night she nor Itto minded the short jaunt.

Same time frame

Justin sat at the picnic table looking up at the early morning stars. Jennah was still asleep in the old van they had purchased just a few days after leaving Arizona. He could still see her face when the 1st phone call came, followed by a series of phone calls, that lead them to this place. She had been so calm, during that first few hours, but the fear had taken over, and here they were. Her soft words still echoed in his mind. She had simply put the phone down, looked at him and whispered, Bobby is dead. So is his ex wife, and the man she was dating. He drove his old truck to their places of work and just shot them, in cold blood, then he parked on the tracks and just waited for a train to
take him away. Or at least that is what is being said. I have no idea of what really happened, just what momma told me. It happened early this morning”.

Then she opened up a can of diet dr. pepper, and lit a cigarette. As usual Rebekah and Mickey had been present, having their morning coffee. Everyone but Bobby apparently had been following their routine morning rituals. Then she started to count, one by one, the members of her biological family that had crossed over since the first of that year. There had been Carolyn her sister, Debby, her ex sister -in-law, Karlie, her niece, and now Bobby, his ex wife, and this guy, who by the way, wasn’t really related, she didn’t think. However, in a small town like Lyons one never knew. They could have been
a cousin, or related by marriage in some way. Small southern towns were known for that sort of relation, even in this day and age. No one spoke, waiting for her to continue with her story. Rebekah looked at her with all sorts of questions in her eyes. Mickey just sat there silent, not sure what to say, other than what he was thinking, and that being that at least she wouldn’t have to deal with the bastard again. But, then Justin was thinking the same thing. Justin had saved him the trouble of having to beat the crap out of him. Little did anyone realize that when Bobby took that train ride, , that all hell would break loose and terror in the worst form would become a constant bedfellow in Jennah’s life.
“Have you spoken with Dorrie yet? Jennah, did you have any idea, or any kind of dream about this happening”? Rebekah had reached across the table and taken her hand. “Nope, not even the slightest of inclinations that this might actually happen. I always knew Bobby wanted to kill me. Hell, everyone knew it. Funny thing is, in a round about way, He will be doing it. Slowly, but he will be killing me. I am the only one left to take care of her. There is no one else. I can’t bring Suzannah in on this, there is no way I want her or the boys exposed to any of this. I will have to eventually tell her, but I don’t want her to even have to worry about this. Those boys were never exposed to any of this kind of stuff, why should their worlds be ruined now? IT wouldn’t be fair to them to know that their biological family is nothing but a bunch of insane idiots who can’t control the urge to steal, fight, and kill. I don’t have any regrets that they don’t know about us. She is fine with that, and if she is my sister, then why should she have to take care of Dorrie, after all, she was adopted, and other than DNA there is no proof that we are even related. Well, of course, other than the fact we
look so much alike. That just doesn’t seem fair to me. She didn’t even know the woman existed, so why should she be involved.”
The more Justin thought about it, he knew that Jennah had been right, at least on that point. They still didn’t know for sure if they were twins, and at this point, there was no way to find out. The DNA test they finally agreed to have done could actually be called ‘inconclusive’. They had a match, just not a perfect match. They were definitely related, that was about it. After the next few phone calls Justin and Jennah quietly pulled out of the campground, just leaving a note explaining that they would be back in touch and that they loved them all very much, but should anyone come looking for
them, no one would know where they were, and therefore, everyone could say that honestly. Hell, they had been driving for days and eventually they would be headed toward Texas, but not just yet. They had applied for and gotten jobs in a park up North and were headed in that direction. Jennah had been told in no uncertain terms not to even think about coming back to Lyons. Someone was out to kill her and they didn’t know who. Whoever it was, had brought out the old Biblical ways of ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’ She and Dorrie had gotten into it big time and then Adult
Protection Services had stepped in also. Jennah at one point had really lost it when Dorrie had been wailing over the phone about her not coming home, telling her that she was her only baby left and she couldn’t lose her too. Jennah had just flat out stated bluntly into the mouthpiece, “yeah, well, I was you only one over 50 years ago, but that didn’t stop you from not wanting me then, so what’s the damn difference now.” Then she had slammed down the receiver and stomped out of the 5th wheel, slamming the door behind her. She told Justin she was going for a walk and would be back in a few hours. He knew she needed to be alone, but just for safety sake, he and Mickey had
followed her from a safe distance in Mickey’s truck. Now, here they were and he figured that he really ought to try and call Katrina and Suzannah and let them know what had happened. He just wasn’t sure if Jennah was ready to divulge all that information yet. Besides, they had been unable to reach Katrina the last time they had tried to call, so she was obviously on a case somewhere. And Suzannah, well, even tho she and
Jennah had decided they wanted to keep in touch, it was usually by letters or emails, or thru Nahani. Dawn was starting to break as Jennah poked her head out of the window. “Hey, let’s get a move on.” He got up and gathered up his cup and headed toward the van. Jennah had already taken over the drivers seat so after letting Mustang in he climbed in the passenger side. Jennah looked at him and simply said, “we’re going to Texas, right now. SO sit back and relax, because I have had enough of this bullshit. The only thing I have going for me is the element of surprise. I am not about to sit by idly any more, waiting for some jackass to come and seek me out, sneaking up on me from behind and trying to kill me. If anyone is going to try and kill me, they will have to be facing me when they do it. I love you very much, but I am giving you the option of sticking this out or going our separate ways. I don’t want to get you killed too”.

Justin looked at Jennah and smiled. His old Jennah was back. The lady with boiling
Redmond blood, and fiery eyes had returned. The fear was gone and she was ready to get on with her life. And he was about to meet the infamous, and crazy Dorrie. There was no way he was not going to be by her side during this time frame. “You know as well as I do that taking off is not an option for me. When I said ‘till death do us part, sweetie, I meant just that. Besides, I have a few scores to settle myself in that state, so we might as well get it over with.”
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