December 16 2009

2 days later
It was getting near dark when Jennah pulled in the driveway at momma’s. She turned off the motor and took out her cell phone. As she dialed her friends number, she wondered if Katrina was on a job somewhere, or at home. She really wish she had taken the time to call earlier, but things had happened so fast and here they were. When Katrina picked up the phone, all she heard was, “you better have a really good reason for
the disappearance act girlfriend. I am here at Suzannah’s and we are all worried sick about you.”
“I do, I really do. Why you are at Suzannahs I don’t know, but I am so glad you are. Bobby is dead. He killed his estranged wife, her boyfriend, and then himself. I am not sure what is going on, but the last few weeks have been really strange. We are in Texas, at momma’s house. I haven’t seen Dorrie yet, but will you please tell Suzannah. God, I wish yall were here with me, I don’t know if I can do this alone”.
“When did he do this Jennah, because some really strange things have been going on here too. Suzannah and Karl have been having all kinds of weird things happening. I was on a tour trip up this way. We were involved in a minor accident and I am sitting it out here for a few days, but have to leave fairly soon. I have been called away on a case. Maybe that explains the things that are happening here. Maybe Bobby is searching for you or the kids”.
“It’s been almost a month now, but I couldn’t come back here, so we took off for the wild blue yonder. I was getting all kinds of strange and threatening phone calls and someone has declared an eye for an eye vengeance against me, or Dorrie or someone. They think it’s the brother of the man he killed, but they aren’t sure. Momma called and said Dorrie was in all kinds of trouble and I needed to come home. So, here I am.
I’m not sure what I am going to do next, but I promise to keep you posted. Tell Suzannah to have Almey do a cleansing on her house, just in case. Bobby was a poor lost soul and he was on the dark side, you know that. If it is him, then she definitely needs a cleansing done and for her to get some sea salt and sage also. If worse comes to worse, then she should call in someone to do a bonding on whoever it is. I don’t know if
it’s him or not tho. Since he committed suicide, then he may be in counseling. I haven’t figured out what happens when someone commits suicide.” The number is going to be changed shortly, and I will call you when I get the new number. Remember I love you both very much. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Give her a hug, please and tell her I will find out all I can, when I get the chance to. Right now, I have to find a way to get Dorrie out of Lyons, and it may take me a while to do it. Well, it looks like poppa just pulled in
the drive way. They weren’t expecting us so no one was home. I just thought I would check in with you, and as usual, you are apparently right where you need to be. Give everyone hugs from us and I will talk to you later. Love you”. Then she hung up. Karl and Suzannah were both holding their breath as Katrina sat back down at the table.
“Well? Don’t keep us in suspense like this, is she okay? Where is she, why hasn’t she gotten in touch with anyone? What has happened”?
“Whoa, slow down, she is fine. Look before I go into this, there is something I had better tell you both.” Katrina got up and walked over to the window and looked out. Then she turned back around and faced Karl and Suzannah with all the bravery she could muster. “This is the part I was worried about telling yall about, Suzannah. I found out some things during that rafting trip and had to check them out. So, I went to Lyons
for myself. You see, I was raised not far from there. In an orphanage. I think you already knew that tho. I got out of the orphanage and made my way into nursing school, with your mother and Dorrie. I was a couple of years younger than them, but they befriended me anyway. Ashe Redmond was the most dashing of all the Redmond Boys. Every girl within 10 miles wanted Ashe. He was friendly, but when he started drinking he became mean and well, even vicious sometimes. He and Dorrie fought like crazy one night, and actually it was her fault. She was trying to make him jealous, and there was a horrible fight. She stomped out, and Rosa followed. I was left all alone. I helped Ashe out to the car, determined to get him home in one piece, but he had other ideas. That was the night I got pregnant. My real name is Susie. I am the other woman in that picture. I have one in my purse to match it. When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t want Ashe or Dorrie to know so I packed up and left town. Rosa and I stayed in touch. Ashe had also gotten Dorrie pregnant and they got married. Rosa married Eddie. They helped me tremendously. I worked several different jobs, but when it came time for the baby to be born I knew I couldn’t give it a good life. So I did the only thing I could to insure my baby had a good life. I let someone else adopt her. Then I vowed to just
do what I did best, run. Then I found that child that was lost, and got all that publicity so I changed my name. Everyday, for the rest of my life, I wondered if and when the time would come that I might find my child and if I did would he or she understand why I had done it. I didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl. Then I met Jennah and knew instantly that she was a Redmond because she looked so much like Ashe. I dared not ask, or question it, I just let her talk and eventually found out she was Dorrie’s child.
I did have the surgery, a face lift, because of my given profession of finding people but also so that I would look different if I ever did return to Lyons. But unfortunately, it didn’t work really well. I still had some Redmond qualities. You see, unfortunately Ashe was my mothers great nephew. I didn’t know that when I was younger, I found out when I went back after Grandfathers funeral and started doing some digging. That
made Ashe a distant cousin. Distant enough that it couldn’t really be called incest or anything like that. Then, of course, you had shown up. I think, am not sure, but I think I am your biological mother. Rosa and Eddie, came and picked my baby up the night they left town, after Dorrie’s baby was born. Back then, a woman and the baby stayed in the hospital for a full week. I was as surprised and excited also when Grandfather told me about you. But, I also thought that perhaps Dorrie had indeed had twins. I actually
thought I had given birth to a boy. A Redmond boy and the best thing I could do for that child was to keep him away from the Redmond’s. I guess I should have told you and Jennah both that night, but I wanted to know for sure. Well, I guess, well, here’s Jennahs phone number. I am going to go pack. If you are my child, well, it’s good to know that you had such a wonderful home. I never knew where Rosa ended up. I
never went back to Lyons after that night. Not until well, Grandfather died. He was the one who suggested that before I say anything, I find out as much as I could for sure. That was what he and I were talking about while you and Jennah were getting acquainted. So, I decided to follow his advice. Suzannah sat quietly as Katrina left the room and started packing her bag. Just as she closed her suitcase, she looked up to see Suzannah and Karl standing in the bedroom door.
“You don’t have to leave Susie, oops I mean Katrina. You really don’t. I think I already knew that somehow we were related, but I just didn’t expect it to be this way. I thought maybe Dorrie had given birth to all of us. So, Jennah doesn’t know any of this”? Katrina shook her head. Suzannah continued talking and Katrina eyes started filling with tears “I thought that perhaps you might be a half sister or maybe even a cousin. You look like Jennah, also. I was the only child my parents adopted. They never had any more. My mother couldn’t have children. I guess we could prove this by DNA. And just for the record, I don’t hate you. In fact, I think I am a lot luckier than Jennah ever has been. You let me be adopted and didn’t try to interfere in my life, or my
parents. I hope you will understand that my parents were my parents, but I really don’t see any reason why we can’t at least be friends. I owe you a lot. Rosa and Eddie were both wonderful parents. My dad is still alive tho. He’s in a nursing home in Phoenix. His choice by the way. But please, I can’t help Jennah and there is something going on here you know it, you can feel it. I need your help. Please stay, at least for another night.” Katrina sat down and sobbed like a baby. Suzannah and Karl knelt down beside
Katrina and for first time in her life, she felt like the world was a better place. She felt as tho a missing link was there and she was almost complete. After a few minutes, Karl helped her up and they went back into the kitchen and Suzannah made them some more coffee, and some sandwiches. “Would you like some milk with your sandwich?”
“Uh, no, I am allergic to cows milk.” Suzannah smiled, then she laughed. Yeah me too, that’s why we serve goats milk here.”
As they ate Katrina recounted what Jennah had told her on the phone about Bobby. “Do you think the recent activity is because of him? I haven’t actually seen an apparition, but I have definitely heard and seen some things and Grandfather seems to be around all the time, like he’s trying to protect me. Even Itto senses it. Karl hears footsteps on the carpet in the back playroom, around the children’s area. He was in there one night playing pool while I was out and, Karl stopped her in mid track.
“Whoa wait a minute”, Karl spoke up. I saw footsteps too. I actually saw them. It scared the heebee jeebies out of me. Maybe Jennah is right, why don’t I call Almey
and see if he can come do a healing or cleansing or whatever you call it on the house.”
“Might be a good idea, just in case. But what about Jennah, we still don’t know all the details about Bobby, are you going to tell the boys about this? I personally don’t think it would be a good idea”.
“Nope, I am not. At least not right now.” Suzannah asked Karl to get the laptop, maybe they could find out something if they pulled up the Lyon’s news.
“I saw him, saw Bobby while I was in Lyons. Jennah is right about him, he was from the dark side. But, funny thing is, he didn’t touch alcohol at all. Didn’t smoke either. But he was mean. Very mean. I only saw him once, he looked just like Ashe and I knew immediately who he was. It was at the diner. He came in and was yelling at the girl that came out of the kitchen. They got into a huge fight, and she called him Uncle Bobby. I think she must have been one of Carolyn’s girls. They didn’t seem to get along very well. After he left I asked the girl at the counter if he was always like that. She said “yep, that was their Crazy Uncle Bobby, thanks to his mother.
Then I said, “ maybe he had too much to drink last night. She told me he didn’t drink or smoke and that collects canned food. He was just crazy. But, hell, as far as I am concerned the whole down town was nuts. Always has been. I told her I was just passing thru and well, at least the food was good. She just laughed and said it was leftovers. I left and got the hell out of dodge so to speak. IF they were Redmonds, I didn’t want to take the chance on them seeing a resemblance. I thought about going to see Dorrie, but decided against it. Jennah had already told me enough. I figured Dorrie just went crazy. She was always kind of crazy anyway.
“Wow”, Karl said, “it says here that he drove an old truck to where the guy was working and shot him, then got in it and drove to where his estranged wife and he both worked, and shot her. After that apparently he went and parked on the train tracks at the bend in the road and got plowed away by the train. It also says that they were trying to find out where he got the gun, that it might have been given to him by a policeman friend and that a relative was also a person of interest in the killings, but it doesn’t say who. He shouldn't have owned a weapon, because he was a felon.”
“Oh my God, poor Jennah, I hope she hasn’t walked into the wolf’s den.”
“Jennah told me once that she had a nemesis that was born under the sign of the Virgo. That she had been told she would end up having to defend herself against the Virgo and kill him in order to keep from being killed. She thought it was Bobby, because he was a Virgo. A shaman she stumbled upon in a rock shop in Las Vegas, told her all of this. Then after she left she looked him up on the internet and found out that he was the real thing and not just a phony out to make a buck. He also suggested she come to the Grand Canyon for a healing. That’s when she met Nahani and Grandfather. I can’t call her back, her phone is off. I guess we just have to wait for her to call. But, unfortunately, I have this case to go on. I told them I would leave here early in the morning. My boss is sending a car to pick me up”.
“Oh, man, we have 30 plus years to catch up on in one night. It’s gonna be a long one.” Suzannah reached over and hugged Katrina once more. “One I am looking forward to tho.”
Katrina smiled, “yeah, me too, sweetie”.

Jennah woke up the next morning to fresh brewing coffee. She was the last one up. When she walked in Momma reached up and gave her a big hug. “Everything will be okay froggy, I promise it will”.
Jennah just smiled. “Sure it will. We don’t have a job, I don’t want to go to Lyons, and we are practically broke. The only good thing is that at this very second, I am sitting here, with you guys. Someone I have never heard about wants me dead, she is madder than hell because of what I said, even tho I did try to apologize. Now APS has given me the “it’s your responsibility speech” . She didn’t think tho, that Dorrie was being abused, just being taken advantage of by someone in the family, and it’s got something to do with money. Hell, I didn’t even know she had any money. In fact, once when I called her, the first thing she said was if you’re calling for money I don’t have any. When I told her all I wanted was her chocolate pie recipe she just laughed. I asked who would be calling her for money, but she wouldn’t tell me. According to APS she got kicked out of her apartment because one of the girls got in a fight there with her boyfriend or whatever he is and someone has written over 1000 dollars worth of hot checks on Dorrie’s account. So, that’s why she went into this nursing home, I guess. To avoid being arrested, or maybe murdered. She told me to stay the hell out of her life, but the state seems to think I have to be in her life. Unfortunately, they are right”, she stated flatly.
Momma nodded then looked up from her coffee.
“Well, it’s going on the weekend, so why don’t you check the Sunday paper. Maybe Justin can find a job somewhere around here. If not, then I guess we will just have to get you on to Lyons somehow.”
“Actually”, said Justin, I found a job early this morning. I have a cousin over in Silar City, about 3 hours from here, and he said I could go to work for him. He owns a handy mans business and is fairly busy. It would get us some money coming in. I also called my parents, they said we could stay with them until we get on our feet. But, I have to be there on Monday. So, if we are going to take it, then we will only be here for the weekend. My parents have left that religion by the way, and they are attending a Baptist Church.”
Jennah looked over at him, and raised her eyebrows. “You have got to be joking. They actually left it?”
“That’s what Joshua said. I couldn’t believe it either so I called mom. She is really excited to meet you. It would also keep you a fairly safe distance from Lyons. It’s about 4 hours from there, and it would also dissipate your worries about the other thing too.” Justin looked at his wife as he shifted his eyes toward momma and then back.
“Well, you are right there, but you hate that kind of work.”
“Right now sweetie, work is work.” He said as he smiled at her gently. “And I want to keep you out of Lyons and keep the rest of the family safe here”. He looked at her parents. “She’s afraid if she stays here the guy might come here.”
“Oh, hell, that’s the last of my worries” momma said with a twinkle in her eye. “I know how to use a shot gun and wouldn’t hesitate in a Dallas second. In fact, I ran off Gina's newly found boyfriend, with one a couple of weeks ago. He showed up here with tattoo’s and a Harley. I told her don’t even think it and walked outside with the gun in my hand. Of course, it wasn’t loaded but he didn’t know that. He took off like a bat out of hell. That shotgun has worked more than once, for the whole fam-damily. You should have seen his face, it was too funny. Poppa told me that I was the one who should have been enlisted, not him.”
“Damn straight, she is one scary woman when she is carrying that thing around. She could have scared off the enemy just by showing up over there carting that thing around.” Everyone joined in the laughter at poppa's joking. They all knew how much he adored momma.
Justin smiled at Jennah. He felt safe, and knew that Jennah was also, at least for the time being. Monday, was something either of them really wanted to think about. Jennah still hadn’t gotten the courage up to go to Lyons, but that courage was about to jump over the horizon in a big way and Jennah nor Justin had no idea that they had jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They spent the rest of that weekend just playing poker and having fun. On Sunday night, they said their tearful goodbyes and headed for Silar City.
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