December 25 2009

The old lady woke with sweat and tears pouring down her cheeks. It was the most horrendous dream she had ever had. Should she tell anyone at all about it, or just keep her mouth shut? What if it were NOT just a dream, but another warning? What if keeping her mouth shut would affect the entire world, or by NOT keeping her mouth shut would affect the entire world? It was a no win situation. To do so would mean,, Oh GOD she didn't even want to think about what it would mean. She sat up in bed and dried her eyes, wiping her brow with the back of her hand. All she could think about was the dream. The van, full of those people. So very young she thought, they were all so very young. How could they do this? How could they do such a horrid thing, one that would destroy so much that so many depended on for learning. It wasn't just buildings, or dorms, it was so much more. It was a university a very special place where probably down thru the years millions had learned about life, about saving people thru medical practices, about building a future. And now, it was about to be destroyed. The buildings could be rebuilt, but what about the memories of all those people who had loved, and had walked across that stage on that football field, as their families and friends had watched with pride as they accepted that diploma that they had worked so hard for.
This was no natural disaster, someone had planned this. But who, who would do such a thing? How could they be living so close to someone who would do such a thing and not even realize it. Why, oh GOD why? Her heart was aching, just at the thought, why had she had such a horrendous dream?

It had all began as she was walking thru that campus, when she saw something that looked so unnatural attached to a tree. Then she glanced over at several other trees, they all had the same thing attached to them. It was a belt like object. It was tree color, to match the truck. But it held several little square things, about an inch apart and each little belt thing went completely around the trunk of the trees. It buckled and no that buckle was a watch face, set for a certain time. As she looked at it, she realized oh GOD no, no please don't let this be happening. TOO many people, too much would be destroyed. Who did she tell? How could she tell someone, but someone had to be told. She ran, and as she was running she saw the van. It was a strange color, and it was driving so slow. Much slower than the speed limit allowed and inside were the people. One held something just outside a back seat window, and he seemed to be moving it up and down and punching it. Then she heard it, an explosion and she saw people running, and screaming. A lady fell, dropping her baby. The woman reached down and grabbed the baby, and the bleeding woman screamed, 'please, oh please save my baby.' It was too late to warn anyone, she had to run hard and fast to get away from the next tree exploding. As she ran she heard the blood curdling screams, saw the black smoke rising, and the cries were heart wrenching. "Oh, God, she prayed as she ran, give me wings help me save at least this child." As the van got closer and closer the man who was holding the thing just looked her straight in the eye and laughed. She saw Satan in his eyes. NO SOUL, NO HEART, NOTHING BUT HATRED WAS CAUSING THIS HORRENDOUS ACTIVITY TO UNFOLD. She ran, thru the trees to the inner realm of the university and down the alley. She had to save the baby. Why, she didn't know.
Would her heart ever stop pounding? She wondered as she sat starring out her bay window a half hour later. Who did you report something like this too? Would they laugh? Or would they take her serious. She didn't know. After all, it was a dream, a horrid dream, would they think that she was crazy? Or on drugs? What would her children say? OMG she just didn't know what to do. She knew in her heart what she should do, but didn't know how. How does one say,, ""UH< I just had this horrible dream and I............
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