I Wish
June 22 2010

I wish there was a cure for heartbreak
A day surgery for emotional pain
You go in with an acute case of distress the anesthetist puts you under
The steady hands of the surgeon dissects all distress
The nurse monitors you after to make sure he got it all
Then you're on your way home in time to enjoy the evening rush hour
Imagine if the world tried to find a cure for hate as aggressively as they try to find a cure for cancer
Give me a pill to take when I'm tempted to lie to a person I love
A home remedy for insecurity
Or even multicoloured Band-Aids for jealousy
Defibrillate the sadness from my body with as many joules as it takes
I don't want to see mankind die from self hatred
My sister wants to commit suicide by selling her soul
My brother wants be a serial killer because he can't stand what he see's in the mirror
My father won't care for his seed because he's emotionally homeless
My mother won't show her beauty because her self worth was robbed
Can't we see: If we placed as much importance in finding relief for irregularities of the spiritual & emotional heart; we would be able to more than just tolerate each other
The individual would be healthier
The person would be stronger
I would be whole
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