I wish I could ....
August 14 2010

Just sit down and think of a good story to just write. Something fictional, something funny. Unfortunately that is not the way I write. I can't just sit down and write. The stories I write are real life experiences, no matter how strange they may seem. My life, to say the least has been and still is a little on the erratic side. That is not to say it hasn't been exciting, or dull. In fact it has been a roller coaster, if anything. I read a lot. I have just finished a book by Dr. Micheal Newton. Even though I have my own beliefs, it is good to read about others beliefs. I agreed with a lot he said, and then there were a few things I questioned. However, if there is one person I would like to meet someday it is Dr. Newton. He has some very interesting views on the Spirit World, on Earth and life in general. Yesterday, I had a man asked me to pray with him. I agreed to stand with him as he said the pray. His faith really touched my soul. You see, I believe in a Higher Power, but since the word God is used in so many different ways, then I prefer to refer to what I believe in as the Highest Power of Creation. I mean look around at every little thing you can see. Even if the theory of evolution is right, it all had to start somewhere. At some source. So therefore, to me, the word God doesn't always describe the way I feel. I do use it when I write poetry for certain parties. And I have used the word in many poems. Well, as I said, to turn all this into a story then it probably wouldn't work. However, if you are 'into' reading about the metaphysical, or the Spiritual World, or Life after Death, then I would recommend Dr. Newton's books. It does give one something to think about. It also requires 'quietness' while reading it. Also everyone who reads anything should remember the old adages of believing only half of what you hear, etc. Read and listen with an open mind. After all, it is still a freedom we have,, to read and write what we want to share. A freedom we should cherish. After all, there are those who live on this earth that aren't as lucky as we are.
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