August 29 2010

So many times I have been asked. Do you really believe what you are saying? Do you actually feel these words? Or hear them? Have you ever been tested for schizophrenia? Doesn't this make you crazy? Well, there really is only one answer. Yes, I do believe there is something that remains to be seen. Yes, I do believe that things like this happen that can not be explained. Yes, sometimes it makes me feel crazy. And yes, I have been tested for schizophrenia, and I hope I spelled that word right. No, I do not have multi personalities. I am just me. The stories I have put on here are just a mere fraction of what I have actually written. Somewhere in a Northwestern state is a woman who has a poem written by me for her 9 year old who was accidently shot when a gun dislodged. Out in Arizona are several people with poems, and I have a thank you card from a twin sister, who didn't understand how I 'captured' her sister's soul with words when I had never met her, but was glad I did. I have a memory of a father approaching me at lunch to 'thank' me for the poem I wrote for his son's memorial. Do I understand how I do this 'automatic' writing poetry. NO, I do not. But, yes, I do believe that the CREATOR gave me this gift and I should use it accordingly. Not to make money, and these type of poems are never charged for. Not even the paper. And they never go into print, except to be handed over to the persons/survivors/loved ones of the one the messages are from, about, or whatever you want to call it. I have just had too many of these 'encounters' so to speak not to believe. I don't think even some one who is a famous physcic wakes up that way everyday. They may go for days and days without getting a message, or a vision, so to speak. But yes, I do believe this is possible. And to be perfectly honest, belief in a HIGHER POWER, wether you call it the Almight One, or GOD, or the Creator, whatever you want to name or refer to that power as, is the most important belief of all. These are only my beliefs. I also believe that everyone is entitled to believe their own way. And to be honest, if I hadn't experienced these things myself, I probably would have a hard time believing myself. SO, in answer to the questions, and in my opinion, yes, I really do believe it.

jesse_jean august, 29th, 2010
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