What's THAT?
September 8 2010
[ Non-fiction : Humour/ ]

I have once again been 'informed' so to speak, that a woman only gets to Heaven by turning into a man once she dies. This is somewhat the way the conversation went.

him; "I know you do all this automatic writing and stuff of course, and yet you still believe in a Creator, right"?

me; yep

him; well if you really believe then as a person who does do this you should already know about getting into Heaven after you die, right?

me; Quite frankly, I know what I believe and I believe that whatever someone else believes is their business. What are you getting at?

him; well, the Bible says that we are created in His Image. And the Bible protrays HIM as man, a Heavenly Father. And Jesus was part man. So therefore, if we are created in His Image, then women, who are extensions of man have to turn back into men in order to get into Heaven.

me; and where did you hear that? Or did you come up with it all by yourself.

Him; Oh, no, not me. That is what our preacher said.

me; and did he say how this feat was to be accomplished? Is it by reverse osmosis, does the rib get swiped back or what?

him; well, the preacher isn't really clear how it works, what is reverse osmosis?

me; well, why don't you ask your preacher, and by the way, what church was that again?
Oh, and study proves that women still have all of their ribs after they die. As for reverse osmosis, LOOK IT UP!!!

him; (deadly serious) I will look it up, that reverse thing may be the answer.

ME: ( picking my self up off floor) OKAYYYY, next question. AND yes, this conversation really did happen.

have a wonderful day
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