Lou And The Bike
April 25 2011

Recently I lost a good friend in the physical world, but gained a greater friend in the Heavenly World. Since I am one of these people who believes that the soul lives on, and that yes indeed we do
receive contact from them, I had been wondering why I hadn't been contacted by this friend. After all, she told me she would contact me as soon as she could. My friend loved motorcycles. In fact, she owned one. Worried about the expense of her passing, she tried to sell it. She didn't succeed, however, her ex - husband came over and picked it up with the children, after she crossed.
This morning my husband and I were having coffee as usual, and discussing the past two weeks and how they had been the most stress filled weeks we had encountered for quite awhile. All of a sudden, I cracked up with laughter. This is something that also happens to me, when Momma contacts me. It is usually a very snide remark about something and it always cracks me up. Thinking of course, it was Momma, my husband asked, "okay, what did Mom say this time?" with that knowing look and smile. I shook my head and just looked at him.
"It wasn't Momma this time. It was Lou. She said, "if I known that dumb ex husband of mine was going to end up with my bike, I just would have been buried sitting on it."
We had always envisioned her riding that bike from cloud to cloud, star to star, jumping from one planet to another.
At any rate, the site just came to me instantly of her physical body, being lowered into the grave on that bike. Stranger things have happened. I read once where a man was buried in his car. I certainly wish we had thought about that before she died. Maybe it could have been arranged. If she had thought of it, she would have found a way to manage it. She was just that way. IF things got to stressed, she always thought of a way to lighten the load. I know now that my friend is safe, and her soul lives on. Now, I can rest.

(c) A.J.Angerstein
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