Hot Girls VIA Lick Skillet, VA
May 22 2011

I thought I’d post this 'Starbucks VIA' tidbit all the way from Lick Skillet Virginia:

My good friend Rubi Stacks, VA wrote me about a local car wash fundraiser she and her ‘Chapel Chicks’ were doing for an overnighter up at Hungry Mother State Park. They set up a t-shirt and cut-offs style Wet’n Wash along Allyson Gap catching the cars going to Saltville—and them cars did stop. A hot afternoon with four fresh country girls, sloppy buckets, dripping sponges, and out of control hoses. You do the math. Here’s what she wrote me:

Rubi Stacks, VA
“…anyway it was so hot out Jen Jen got the vapors. Some gentlemen rushed up to help her sit for a spell and they even had to squeeze the sponge over her a couple times. Bonnie Joe was serving up the customers her bread & butter & onion sandwiches when we just plum ran out of lemonade. Well I guess one of the boys (Tab) had just come from the Lee Hwy Starbucks down by Beaver Creek and got some of that VIA stuff. Sissy Sue rinsed out the pitcher and ice as Tab opened up them little packets and together they mixed up a batch of icy rich wonderfulness I must say. We were such a sight, relaxing back on the church’s shady lawn just a sippin on tall Iced Coffees like we was fancy folk!

Well you know we all laughed and had a good time. New folks drove up and wanted some too so Sissy Sue and Tab took off to get more VIAs. Bonnie Joe pulled more spring onions and after Jen Jen got feisty and splashed me, we washed more cars (I got her back real good like with the other hose). Well you know our little Lick Skillet Wash was a raging success and the Chapel Chicks raised enough for the campout plus some extra for the Sewing Circle’s Box Social this fall. Well I’m just hooked on that VIA now and carry one with me everywhere but I wont tell where! [hee-hee]”

Bless their hearts, I just know them girls are having a great time up at Hungry Mother and them town folk had some shiny jalopies no doubt. I don’t know why I’m living in Burbank; I want to live there; maybe I’ll visit this fall. I told this story to Burt Cavakiss who also loves VIA and he just laughed and wiped is forehead and said, “Well, were do you hide your VIA?”

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