miracles do happen
May 31 2011

The story I am writing is my real life experience, no matter how strange it may seem.
I am an native indian moved to japan with my husband in 2007.we were living happily there untill that black day of our life had arrived. The earthquake followed by tsunami that shook japan recently in march 2011 has changed our lives,changed everything. Nobody has control over natural calamities,they just come unexpectedly and just take everything from you,no matter who you are,no matter what technologies you have ,you canít control them.The earthquake with 8.9 magnitude followed by tsunami took many lives, changed lives of many people.I was the one who witnesses this natural hazard,found myself one in the million to survive that natural calamity.To be perfectly honest I do believe in Higher Power, whether you call it the Almight One, or GOD, or the Creator, whatever you want to name or refer to that power as, is the most important belief of all.I also believe that everyone is entitled to believe their own way.God gave me this one more chance to do something in my life to live this beautiful life although after that calamity my life is no more beautiful. It will never be the same again.But I am here to share my story,my experience and believe me miracles do happen just believe in God.

It was a normal morning as usaul. My husband has to leave for tokyo for some business purpose so he woke up early that day and while getting ready he come to me and said ďtake care of yourself hunnyĒ will miss you and will come back soon. He was goin for a 2 day business trip. He used to go for business trips so I was not afraid of being alone at home cause i am used to it. At 8:30 he left home and I was alone and started watching tv after watchng tv for sometime I decided to go out and have some gossip session with my neighbour.she(nanako) was a very good friend of mine since I came to japan in 2007. she is the one who helped me a lot there,I was new in the country and she showed me the way. so I went to her home,while having a cold coffee together at home we started gossiping and we were very happy ,we were sharing some lite moments of our life.we both were smiling and teasing each other,I still remember her glowing face but we did not knew that this conversation is goint to be our last conversation. Who knows what life has in store for us. After so much fun,I told her that I am going home and will catch her later in the evening.

I came back home,it was 12.30 at that time. I made some noodles for me and ate them watchng tv and then I fall asleep,my tv remain switched on and suddenly at around 2.30 I woke up and seeing my tv switched on I quickly put it off and then I took my cellphone and saw 7 missed calls of my husband. He had reached tokyo and then I called him back and after talking to him I went to the balcony and at that time suddenly something happened it was around 2.45 the local time my hand,my house the whole building started shaking,I didnít knew what it was and before I could have realised anything suddenly my neighbours building collapsed in front of me.My building started cracking everything was moving here and there and within next 5-6 seconds my building collapsed but it was a miracle that even after falling from 2nd floor to the ground level with marble over me I was alright and when i stood up and saw the whole area of my locality I found only collapsed buildings,peopleís crying,running here and there shouting,only marble of collapsed buildings was visible, after seeing all this I literally fainted but then sumone came from behind and took me with him and asked me to run with him, we ran to a more open place and then after half an hour I went back to near my own building only to search for my friend nanako but I couldnít able to find her there was marble of collapsed building all around I still donít know about her,no news whether she is dead or alive. But more worst was still to happen a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by devastating tsunami. We were told to evacuate the area we went to a safer place but my house drowned in the water ,all Ships, boats, cars and trucks were tossed around like toys in the water after the tsunami hit the town of kamaichi.Everything was effected so badly by the tsunami and the earthquake that nobody was able to get out of the town,transport facility jammed,air traffic jammed and we were stuck their in that town. And when the rescue workers started their work,then we were able to get out of the town and I went straight to my husband in tokyo.

Earthquakes are common in Japan, one of the world's most seismically active areas. The country accounts for about 20 percent of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater. This major natural calamity took lives of more than 10000 people and Thousands went missing,many lost their families,children.

I was lucky to survive that natural calamity and I am glad that my husband was out of the town that day.After all that happened to me that day,I can never forget that day it was the worst day of my life but it showed me that God is there and miracles do happen.
After that day my life has changed,it was totally different before that devastating earthquake now I am back to india and living happily with my hubby and my parents and now I am afraid to go back to japan. After seeing all those people around me crying for there loved ones, I now donít have guts to go back to japan .That place is not the same anymore there is nothing left, everything has drowned away by tsunami.This incident has taught me one thing that life never stops for anyone whatever is the situation it goes on and one should believe in god he is there for everyone.

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