May 15 2012

Today, I started reading the Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stern. It is the story about Edgar Cayce, the greatest Mystic, so to speak that America has ever known. The first chapter of the book of course tells about Cayce and some of his predictions, which were done while he slept.
For a long time I have known, or rather I should say that I believed that using one's gifts for gain was detrimental. I am not in any way of course, putting down todays Psychics, who are better known in the world, this has just always been my own belief, therefore whenever I receive a message I never charge the person that the message is for. I just deliver the message and have never been turned away or shunned by that person. In fact I have received many blessings because of it. I don't or can't do what todays psychics or mystics do. I can't sit down with someone and tell them that their uncle Joe is safe and happy, and not in pain and that he has his dog Boogie with him. I also didn't know very much about Edgar Cayce, and this book came in a box of books I bought at a garage sale. Of course I had heard about him, but I was completely surprised that we share many of the same beliefs. He didn't believe in gain of monetary value for the use of his gifts either. He believed the same way I believe and that the motto I came up back around 2000 would fit him perfectly. My motto is:


My biggest shortcoming is patience. I am so short on it and it seems that his wife worried about money more than he did, and that he constantly assured her, "not to worry so much, that everything would be okay", just as my husband does.

One passage in the first part of book really hit home for me though.

I have several times, especially in the past few months questioned, and actually for the last couple of years, if I could help others why couldn't I help myself.
Edgar Cayce also questioned this so he did a reading on himself. This episode came after he was arrested in New York City for being a Fortune Teller, and he went home in black despair, over the fact he had been arrested for trying to help others. He went to sleep and as always, his wife would ask him a question, and his aide or secretary, Gladys Davis took down the answer,, and I quote directly from the book on this,

from page 17 in the second chapter" "his wife, Gertrude, asked why his power, if he had any, had not warned him of the trap set by the police". (Still quoting) The answer was not what he was looking for. On his awakening, his wife, and his aide, Gladys Davis, told him what his message was: "A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SCOURING WAS ESSENTIAL FOR THE BETTER DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL." The much tried psychic shook his head and sighed heavily. "I seem to be able to help everybody but myself." END OF QUOTE.

It seems everywhere I go there is someone in need of help, and I am more than happy to help that person or persons. But, like Edgar Cayce, sometimes I feel the same way. There also seems to be a reason for everywhere we end up and that we don't ever know that reason until later when we look back. So yes, I also believe that there is already a plan laid in place. I also believe in reincarnation and that past lives can affect our present lives.

I guess this is my way of "COMING OUT of the CLOSET", so to speak on having these gifts. I also know that there will be people, even in my own family that won't believe me, that will scorn me, and pray for my soul. That is good, because quite frankly I think we all need all the prayers we can get.

And I have come to the conclusion that never will monetary value come my way. But that is okay because we have never done without food, or clothing or anything else we need.

And as Edgar Cayce I am firm believer in God, and His power and that He gave me these gifts to help others, and that by helping others I will learn patience, the hardest of all lessons to learn, according to this book. I also learned while starting on this book that Edgar Cayce told everyone he came into contact with that if they would look in the BIBLE they would find the answers they sought and that every single day he never failed to pray and read his Bible. Edgar Cayce believed that there was an answer for everything in the Bible.

So many people think that just because someone has a gift or gifts that they don't believe in GOD.

Actually, It is the other way around. Ask any Psychic, they will tell you,,

"YES< I DO BELIEVE IN GOD, and yes, if you don't believe in GOD, then it is very easy to cross over to the dark side of life."

Amy Jean, aka A.J. Angerstein
may 15, 2012
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