Slipped Away
April 22 2013

Slipped Away

Something has slipped away
From this world in which we play.
Humans nor Animals can no longer
Safely Roam Free ~
And nothing is as it seems.
Cars and tents have now become homes
To the owners of which they belong.
Some don't even have those
But the bridges do have cement poles.
The grass seed must cost a lot
For beef comes at a high cost.
Bread once cost nineteen cents a loaf
But NOW one can forget about adding a roast.
When is it going to end?
Who has the money to spend?
Some say the Democrats are to blame
Others say Republicans have no brain.
Everyone thinks their way is right
Everyone thinks they have the solution to the plight.
It's not just in our Country, it's everywhere
This whole world is running scared.
Billions of humans in this world
And YET ~ everyone's mind is still in a whirl.
The war is between the Light and the Dark
The winner should not be DETERMINED
Copyright A. J. Angerstein

It is high time for all humans to realize that the reality of this world. We all have RED BLOOD and that once the exterior is taken away, the skeletal system looks the same, with the exception of the gender. It is also time for all of the world leaders to think with their hearts and act accordingly and leave the brawn out of it. Religious preferences, gender preferences, looks, monetary value, nor political convictions should not play a part in any decision made 'BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE'. Everyone needs to start standing together. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE. AND the barking and the blaming needs to just stop.
Copyright A. J. Angerstein
03/04/ 2013
The opinion stated here is that of the authors only.

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