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December 16 2009

The Beginning of the End:
After about a year of getting to know her new family, Jennah had found a real friend in her mother in law. The woman frequently went with her on a moments notice to Lyons, in the middle of the night. It had taken them almost 2 months to get on their feet enough to get their own place, but she and the lady had gotten along so well, that it really didn’t matter. Once Jennah got established she finally went to Lyons, and got back into Dorrie’s good graces. Dorrie even turned over Medical Power of Attorney, but refused to turn over Durable Power of Attorney. She was also having some sort of mysterious attacks, around the first of the month, every month. The doctors could not figure out what was going on, but Jennah had a pretty good idea it had something to do with the benefits. After all, she suspected her mother wasn't as sick as she was putting on.
Then it happened. One of the attacks was so bad that Jennah and her mother-in-law arrived at the hospital to find her on the verge of a coma. The doctor’s had already done an MRI and a CAT SCAN, however the test were inconclusive. Time seemed to be running out, and Jennah was never able to get in touch with any of the girls. The phone numbers were either busy, not being answered or just plain disconnected. Her doctors was baffled, as usual, and Jennah even more so. However, while in the emergency room Dorrie woke up and looked Jennah straight in the eye. All she said was ‘murderer’. As Jennah’s eyes widened and tears began to

fall she asked why? Why was she being called a murderer. Dorrie told her very bluntly, “I told you, if you came back you would be murdered and now it looks like you are getting me murdered too.” Then she slipped back into her own little world. Jennah reached over and picked up her hand. As she looked at it she noticed that the Dorrie’s fingernails had a blueish effect to them, as did the corners of her mouth. When the
emergency room doctor returned she asked about the coloring. He told her that usually was a sign of some type of poisoning, but they couldn’t pinpoint anything. The next morning when Dorrie’s normal doctor returned and Jennah tried to talk to him about it, he brushed her off, asking if she was accusing him of trying to kill her mother. Jennah explained what had caused her to ask, and she wondered if perhaps that some of the medications were starting to have a counter effect was all. He told her no, that she had been on those medications for years and it just wasn’t possible, and would she please leave the room so he could talk to his patient in private. As Jennah and Martha walked out, she ran into one of her nieces. The girl asked what she was doing there and Jennah explained, telling her that she had tried to find them but was unable to do so.
The girl told her not to worry, that this type of thing always happened when it was time to have her benefits re-examined. That Dorrie had learned to ‘work the system’. Right then and there Jennah decided that it was time for Dorrie to move to Silar City, whether she wanted to or not.
Later on that week, Jennah told Dorrie that she was moving. Dorrie became extremely mad and told Jennah to go to hell. Jennah explained that she could no longer keep making these trips, that it was taking its toll financially and physically on her and Justin, not to mention Martha. Dorrie didn’t care, she just wasn’t going to leave Lyons. Jennah got her secured back in the nursing home, but it wasn’t 4 days later that she got
another call. Only this time it was from someone different. Momma had crossed over.
She and Justin rushed over to near Ft. Worth and for the next three days she was mostly in shock, as was most of the family. She never even thought about Dorrie, or the fact that she should have called her.
After the funeral she and Justin left and headed toward Lyons. When she arrived at the nursing home Dorrie was playing bingo. She quietly told the charge nurse what had happened and had brought Dorrie back to the room where Justin and Jennah broke the news to her. And then Jennah let her know once and for all that she had no more choices, she was moving to Silar City.
“Listen, I have told you before, I am not going anywhere. If you were any kind of a daughter, you would be living here in Lyons. So just forget it. You never did love me anyway.” Dorrie shouted thru her tears. “You always loved Carrisa better so just get out. Leave me in my misery to suffer alone. I do not care. You are nothing more than a murderer anyway. Bobby was right, you should never have been born.”
Jennah turned and started to walk out, but instead she looked at her and very quietly said, “ If I have to I will go to a judge and have you proven incompetent and get custody of you. You can do this my way and that is all there is to it. So, I will give you one month to say your goodbyes and get your affairs in order. In the meantime, I will be finding you a nursing home in Silar City. Those precious granddaughters of yours never
even come around. I know that for a fact because the nurses have told me so. You go on your own accord, or else. It is that simple. I will see you next month, and if you ever say anything bad again about the woman I did and still do consider a momma, you will never see me again. There ya go, there are your options. Make up your mind one way or the other. It is just that damned simple.” Then she turned and walked out.
As she approached the nurses station, the nurse informed her that they were going to give her a sedative and they would call her to let her know how she was. They also told her she needed to stop by the office. The man running the nursing home then took them into his office and asked them if they had considered taking Dorrie to Silar City. Jennah confirmed that the works were in the action, and that she anticipated it within the next month. He was in agreement that it would be the best thing to do.
As they were walking out they noticed two of the girls sitting in a car just outside the gates. How did they know that they were there? Jennah looked over at Justin just as he was starting the car. As he drove out of the drive, they watched as the girls got out went in. Jennah knew that someone from the nursing home had to have tipped them off that she was there. There was no other explanation for it.
“Well, you think she will do it”? He looked over at Jennah and she just sighed as she lit up her cigarette.
“She has no choice.”
Two weeks later, after a call from the nursing home, they were on their way back to Silar City with Dorrie in tow. It was the end of the month, and Jennah wondered if she would have another one of those attacks. But then when they got her settled, within a week, Dorrie had completely changed her attitude, without the attack and Jennah began to find some things out she didn’t want to know. She found out that Dorrie had way too much money to even be on benefits. Then she found out that there was a checking account involved. Dorrie had accepted the move and was doing wonderful, but she still wouldn’t explain the extra money. When Dorrie’s new doctor completed his examination of her it was just as they had expected. Dorrie was actually in fairly good health for a woman of her age. She wasn’t a diabetic, as she had claimed and the only reason she was in the wheel chair was because she didn’t want to get out of the damned thing and walk. The doctor started weaning her off of the medication, which actually had turned out to be nothing more than sugar pills. Dorrie actually asked Jennah to take her shopping and have her hair fixed and a manicure. Everyday, Jennah, Justin and Martha visited her. They bought her a new television, a new recliner, and fixed her room up to be bright
and cheery. She loved her roommate, a sweet little lady named Miss Ruby who was in the first stages of Alzheimer, but had no family. She even went to bingo and arts and crafts. Then the first of the month rolled in. It was the second, and Jennah had just gotten out of a doctors appointment and headed for the home. When she arrived she found Dorrie in a vegetative state and screamed for the nurse, who came running.
“I don’t understand, she had breakfast, and saw the doctor not more than 2 hours ago. She was fine. I will call the ambulance and the doctor. She was a little dehydrated and he ordered extra liquids, but that was all”.
Miss Ruby sat up in her bed, and looked at the nurse and Jennah. “That new aide with the dark curly hair came in and gave her some new medicine the doctor ordered.”
The nurse turned to Jennah. “Go get the admin, we don’t have a dark curly haired aide or nurse today.”
As they left for the hospital Jennah gave Justin a quick call and told him what had happened. He met her at the hospital and the doctor told them he had no idea what had happened, but Dorrie appeared to have some kind of poisoning effect going on and they were doing a transfusion. Two hours later, one of Jennah’s nieces and her boyfriend walked thru the doors. Jennah looked at Justin and raised her eyebrows. He shook
his head, indicating he hadn’t called. After they left, Jennah went over to the nursing home only to be told that the girl had just shown up and they sent her to the hospital. Jennah thought it to be extremely strange, especially since they hadn’t even tried to contact Dorrie at all, other than thru emails sent to Jennah. The next morning they showed up asking for money to get back home on, and when Jennah refused to let Dorrie give them any they went to the nursing home, but Janis called Jennah and she explained that they had just asked Dorrie and got told no. She didn’t see them again.
Two days later, they were back only this time they had another niece with them. The nurse at the hospital finally ran them out, they were causing too much of a ruckus and accusing Jennah of kidnapping. Once again, Dorrie was accusing Jennah of murder and they were back at square one.
Then the girls left again, and Dorrie told the social worker at the hospital that she was ready to sign the durable power of attorney papers. She called Jennah and told her to bring the papers and be there early the next morning since it was so late and Dorrie was tired. But when Jennah walked in the room, Dorrie looked at her and said, “Jennah, I love you but I am going to Lyons, your hugs are not enough to hold me here. Jennah simply said, “okay mother, what ever you want” and walked out. That was the last time Jennah ever saw Dorrie alive. She simply couldn't handle it any longer. The social worker caught up to Jennah just as she was stumbling out the door.
“Jennah, please wait. When we got here this morning and were waiting for you, she said she said that today was the day she was going back to Lyons. The doctor questioned her and did everything he could to convince her to stay. He even made her take the mental test to see if he could prove dementia had set in. She knew all the answers, she even did the peg and square test correctly. She knows exactly what she is doing Jennah, and I don't think there is any way that this can be stopped. The charge nurse said her phone rang constantly during the night and they eventually unplugged it. Sometime during the night somehow she became convinced she had to return”.
Jennah looked at the lady who was trying so desperately to help her make some sense of all of this. “Well, it feels like I have just been given away, again. If she goes back, I promise you, she will be dead shortly, and the only way I can help her is to keep her here. She won't give me any information other than what she says. She won't tell me why she thinks someone is out to kill us, and without her telling me, I can't get help or fix it. So, I am doing what she wants. I am letting her go, but this time, it's over, completely. I will never, never go back to Lyons. I won't even go for her funeral. My husband will bring the rest of her stuff up to the nursing home. I don't ever intend to even talk to her again”. The lady watched as Jennah got in her vehicle and squealed out of the parking lot. She shouldn't be driving she thought to herself. She had the look of a helpless kitten surrounded by scavenger birds. Terrified, and completely unsure where to hide.
Everyday for the next three days Jennah got up and found herself driving up to the nursing home, parking and trying to enter the doors. She broke down every time she got just past the nurses station, and every day, someone would escort her back out to her car and call her husband. On the fourth day, Jennah sat across from the nursing home, tears falling like rain as the ambulance pulled out with Dorrie, headed back towards Lyons. She thought about chasing it down, but couldn't bring herself to start the engine. Her brother-in-law happened by and saw her sitting there and called Justin. When he and his cousin arrived, they found her asleep, the steering wheel wet with fresh tears.
3 weeks later
Jennah grabbed the phone as it rang toward midnight. “Send the papers, all of them, she won't live this time.” Then the girl hung up without another word. Jennah dialed the number to the nursing home and got told that Dorrie had been sent to the hospital with some kind of weird attack. When she finally got a hold of the emergency room doctor, he explained that he needed the medical power of attorney papers, and the living will. Dorrie had somehow or other gotten carbon monoxide poisoning. When Jennah questioned it, she was told that yes it was uncommon to get it in a controlled environment. It did require some looking into. She had already slipped into a coma, and he seriously doubted she would live the rest of the night. However, she did live, she lived in that coma for exactly one month. Jennah talked to her, while she was in that coma, and told her if she saw Jesus, to run like hell into his arms and not look back. She called the hospital 3 or 4 times a week, only to be told things were the same and that they would contact her if anything changed. A call finally did come, one month and two days later, but not from the hospital. It was from her niece's boyfriend.
Dorrie had crossed just a couple of hours ago. Jennah wondered why the hospital didn't call, and called them immediately. They asked why they should have called, when she was there already, just minutes before Dorrie crossed. Then the next day she started calling all the agencies to cancel Dorrie's Social Security card, and end her Veterans Benefits, and to insure that the funeral home got the check for the services, and send what was left over to the cemetery for burial. She called the funeral home, only to discover that Dorrie's funeral had already started. Social Security, as did Veterans insisted she get into their office immediately. Then the nursing home called, wanting to know brothers phone number. Jennah had no living brothers. Somewhere in the midst of all of the bizarre activity, the dream hit. The dream that showed no faces, just a big pair of feet stomping her blood testing kit to pieces. And the deep, resonating voice, laughing, taunting her, telling her she would never be able to prove it. Then she called the funeral home back, and told them a corsage was on it's way for her mother, only to be told they hoped it got there within the next few minutes because the funeral was fixing to begin. How could that be? Dorrie had just died 2 days before. No, they told her, she had died 4 days ago. Then one by one, she got calls from agencies wanting to know why the checks had been signed, when Dorrie had been in a coma for 2 sets of checks. Why hadn't she reported that Dorrie had been put under the care of hospice.
Jennah began to feel like a brick wall was enclosing around her. There were no answers. She had not been the one who had visited Dorrie minutes before her death. She had not signed any checks. Dorrie could not have signed any checks. She began receiving threatening phone calls. Finally, they picked up, and once again, moved.

One year later:
Jennah stared out the windows of their small apartment. She longed for the days of yesteryear when things hadn't been so complicated. She wondered if and when the Virgo would show up, and what he looked like. Was he the man claiming to be her brother? Why was he doing what he was doing? Were any, if not all of her nieces involved?
Would she ever get the answers she seeked? Clergyman and everyone told her to let it go. But Dorrie, was holding true to her threats, to haunt her until she proved that she had indeed been murdered. Jennah didn't even open the emails accusing her of being a murderer and a thief anymore. She just printed them out and stored them in a safe place. Just as the attorney had told her to do. She called Katrina and Suzannah and told them not to come to Texas. A DNA test had proven the relationship the relationship between the three women. The more Jennah thought about it, the more the puzzle pieces seemed to fit together. The only thing she couldn't figure out was who exactly this man was that claimed to be her brother. Calling relatives didn't help. No one could ever remember a time when Dorrie may have given birth to another child. Besides, the time frame did of his age just didn't fit. There was no way that during her 40's Dorrie had given birth. She was surrounded by too much family for that to happen. Someone would have known. All Jennah could figure out was perhaps Maybe there was a boy out there somewhere by Ashe that was trying to even the score with Ashe for some reason or another and was using one or more of her family members to do it. The only person she could come up with was one man who had been married for a short time to one of her nieces. He had arrived on the scene of the family shortly before her Sister Carolyn had died. Did that possibly mean that Carolyn's death hadn't been just death? Was it possible that her sister had been murdered also? Then one night, the dream took complete formation. She saw Dorrie's lifeless body laying in the hospital room. She saw the man and woman show up at the hospital, around 2:45 p.m. She just still never saw faces. All she saw was feet. As they went up to the 3rd floor where Dorrie lay in a coma. The charge nurse had seen them before and knew they were Dorrie's children. As she walked them to the room, she told them to take all the time they wanted. As she turned she heard the woman tell Dorrie, that if she saw Jesus, she should run like hell into his outstretched arms and never look back. She remembered the time, once before that the woman had said the same exact thing from the mouthpiece of a telephone. These children loved her enough to let her go, so why couldn't she let go? They only wanted for her to not suffer anymore. Then she closed the door and let them be. As soon as she closed it, Jennah saw the man's hands as he took out the needle and insert it into the IV tube attached to the bag. Then he slipped it back into his pocket. The woman bent down and kissed the old woman's forehead, just as the aide was entering the door. A sigh of breath was heard from the now silent man. The aide looked at them and told them it was time for her to change her, and clean her up. She was due to have another MRI in a couple of hours. Once again, they said goodbye and the feet walked out. After the aide finished, she went to the nurses station. “Why do they always come at such odd hours”? She asked the nurse. As the nurse looked up she saw the couple leaving from the window by the desk.
“He told me that they come this time of night, because of their work schedules”, she answered as she smiled. As she started toward the other end of the hall, the buzzer at the desk went off. They glanced up. It was room 320. They quickly ran to the room. The woman's eyes lay open and she mouthed something inaudibly. As the nurse leaned closer, she simply said, “NOT MY JENNAH.” Then she quietly let out a breath, and never took one back in. She told the aid to see if she could stop the couple. However, as she reached the parking lot, she saw the car leaving. She waved them down and asked them to return. As they parked quickly, they asked if she was okay.
“You need to talk with the charge nurse.” The aide answered, glad she wasn't the one who had break the news to them. Upon arrival they found the nurse standing outside the door. She looked at the woman and man. She wasn't sure which was the child, they both had called Dorrie Mother. She quietly took the woman's hand.
“I am so very sorry, but I guess this time she heard you.” Shortly after you left, she crossed over that river. She is in no more pain, no more hell. Would you like to see her one more time?”
“No”, the woman answered quietly. “She isn't there. It's just her physical being. She has gone home, and that is the way it should be. Can we please leave? I don't feel so good. Her doctor knows what to do.” The woman leaned up against her husband. “Please take me home, Justin, please.” The nurse watched with silence as they headed for the elevator.
As the man got out of the car at the convienence store he looked over at the woman who was removing her makeup. “Nice touch baby. Nice touch”.
“Oh, shut the fuck up.” Was all the woman responded sarcastically.
As he exited the store, he stopped for a second by the trash bin outside the door. He opened the soda cans, and took something out of his pocket, and lit a cigarette. Then he deposited the trash in the can. As the old beat up car drove away, Jennah could hear that taunting laughter once more, informing her, all the evidence was forever gone. There would be no proving anything had ever happened, other than an old lady's body just simply got tired and gave out. She saw Jesus' outstretched arms and ran like hell.
The virgo and his accomplice had walked away scott free. But for Jennah, her world was still encased in that brick wall and no one except the people who knew her, and loved her believed her. In time perhaps she could prove it, but then since when did dreams prove anything?
As she glanced once more out the windows, Jennah knew that somewhere, out in the folds of the dark world, the Virgo lay in wait, lurking in the shadows and that the only way this would ever end was when the day came that they met, face to face. Then and only then, THE CHILDREN OF FATE would be set free.
The End.
@ A. J. Angerstein 11/29/09

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