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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stories are posted on storyleap.com?
We welcome all types of stories. It may be a memorable romantic adventure you want to share, a survival story or a witness account of unusual events. A story can be politics or war related, etc.  We are especially interested in topics that are currently in the news.

Who can post stories on storyleap.com?
Anyone. You don't have to be a professional journalist. You can be an accomplished writer or a first time storyteller; we welcome all types of stories and authors.

Can I post pictures with my stories?
Yes, you can post up to 5 pictures with your stories. Use add pictures feature to upload pictures from your computer

Are storyleap.com stories real or fiction?
Both. When posting, you choose a category (current affairs, survival. etc.) and type of story (fiction or non-fiction) for your story. StoryLeap  has no way of verifying the information in the real-life stories.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes. You may choose in your user profile to show your user name only when posting your story.

Is  my  e-mail address kept private?
Yes. If a site visitor wants to contact an author a message is sent through StoryLeap. The contact info of an author is never revealed. Of course, if an author replies to the message from his or her e-mail, the return address is  revealed to  the addressee.

Can I save a draft and finish a story later?
Yes. You can choose to save a draft. It will show in your profile under my drafts when you log in. The drafts do not go "live" until you post your story.

. A Shift of Time
. Lost
. Life In Mono
. Federal versus State Time
. Georgian Gambit
. Barack My World
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