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This is real, this happens here in Spain, and I have had this leter published by the SUR in an attepmt to create publicity, and help the societies trying to help the galgos. PLEASE read my story, if nothing else pass it on to all on your mailing list. I amjust a regular animal lover who has come across this, and wont stop until i see this stopped. I thank you.

The Spanish greyhounds need help!

I am an animal lover who has come across the most destructive way of keeping an animal. It is with this that I make my plea. The Spanish galgo (greyhound) needs help to overcome this massive abuse, and I am calling on all animal lovers to help.
The galgo is used in hunting, as is the podenco and spaniel. However the galgo breed is in despair. They are kept in the most horrendous conditions you could ever imagine: derelict houses, in the cold, concrete sheds, holes in the ground and covered over so they cannot escape or be heard. They are bred in holes in the ground, starved beyond imagination, beaten and kicked.

But it does not end there. At the end of the hunting season the galgo societies take on the difficult task of finding them clinging to life, dangling from trees. These dogs are discarded once the season has finished; they are, to the hunter, replaceable. So they get hung!

Yes hung! Wires are put round their necks and if they have shamed the hunter they have a slow death, feet skimming the ground - days, hours pass before death takes them.

Some are hung higher - an unimaginable torture - or burnt, beaten and dumped in wells. Some luckier ones escape; some are abandoned to live on the streets. Thousands of galgos are taken in, clinging to life, by a number of societies. They are nursed, patched back together, and homes are looked for.

I am calling on you to look at the ďgalgos sin fronterasĒ or ďddevidaĒ websites. Look at the videos, the pictures, and donít turn away. They need donations, (vet care is expensive in these conditions) or if you sew you can make coats for the dogs; they also need leashes, bowls, medication. If you are considering adopting a dog, consider the sweet docile galgo. Put a galgo in your life, and you wonít regret it! When you see the for real how these dogs get treated, thatís when you will want to help. This wonít stop or go away. You can sign peticions on asanda.org against hunting with galgos: you donít even have to leave your computer, if you canít do anything else, that will help. Then pass it on!

Please donít turn away, manís best friend is being let down by man! Please help make a differance. The societies are like guardian angels and they need help, to help the galgos. Letís do all we can to let the Spanish galgo rise back up into society and become a household pet!

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