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lucky to live.

hi i am rebecca and i was run over when i was three.it all started when i was cruising down the highway just play with my 1 year old brother in the front seat of my dads landcruiser at the age of three when all of a sudden my door swung open, at that momoent i was pretty much in control of trying to close it...so i reached out and BAM my seat belt caught me outside of the car.i swung out of the seat belt an went under the back wheel. after 18 months of intensive care, plastic surgery, lots of exersizes and nerve transplants i was still in a serious condition. but i was able to leave hospital at last. i still return to hospital every month for apointments and surgey but i still have a pretty good life.i would like to thank all my doctors expecially dr Theil for helping me live a better life . i am now 11 and well because of them great doctors.
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