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Are they good witches or bad?

Me and my extended family have lived between the D.C. and Richmond, VA, areas for many years. Living in metropolitan areas can have its advantages when it comes to meeting famous people. OK, actually, most of them are politicians, sorry.

Many people in my family have encounters or degrees of separation from the famous crowd. My aunt punched Julie Nixon in the face when she was a child. When Nixon was VP, he attended the general's party, next door to my grandparent's house. The general knew the Nixon girls were bored so he suggested that they play with the kids next door. My other aunt and Julie started to argue. My younger aunt punched Julie in the face for arguing with her sister. My grandparents were very embarrassed and apologized to the Nixons.

Bettie Currie, Bill Clinton's secretary, resided (or still does) in the house my grandfather grew-up in.

My brother-in-law delivered a large item to the house of Al/Tipper Gore after he "lost" the 2000 (s)election. Tipper was there, and he said, "She was awesome!" Prety amazing considering that he is a republican.

My brother has worked at Dulles airport for a couple of years. He has met many famous people. Here is a list of some and his impression of them:

Al Gore- My brother is very conservative, but he says that Gore "Is the most laid back guy I have ever met." Go figure! He also played football against his son's high school team.
Hillary Clinton- very serious
Mark Warner- Very concerned about being on time and seems to want to run a tight schedule.
Kid Rock- Very nice
Bono and The Edge- Very nice
Barbara Bush- A bitch
Madeline Albright- Laid back
Colin Powell- Shy (A co-worker of mine can confirm this)
Martin Lawrence- Very cool

OK, so now it is my turn:

Bono- Ok , I am a big fan of U2. So, I stayed all day at RFK stadium in 1992, to try and meet them. I met Bono and he was VERY nice and got a hug. He had one of their personal security guys take a painting, I did of The Edge, backstage to get autographed. I met him again 5 years later and he was very kind to me again.

Al Gore- I met him at his book signing for "An Assault On Reason" at GWU. I only had a few seconds to say something so I wanted it to be different compared to what other people said. I could hear everyone saying the same things so I decided to say something that concerns me personally. He paused and looked up from the table when I got to him and I told him, "Please tell Mrs. Gore thanks for all the work she has done for mental health issues." He had a very concerned look on his face as he signed my book and said softly, "I will, I will tell her." I hope he did. I wish I could have said some other things too.

Gov. Mark Warner- I was apprenticing at a local pottery shop/studio when he came in with his family. We showed him around and he was very nice and shook my hand. Very laid back.

Evan Dando (Lemon Heads)- Got into an elevator with him while I was delivering pizzas. I was carrying a bag full of sodas and the bag broke. They rolled everywhere and he helped pick them up.

Northern Exposure Dr. Joel guy- I forget his name all the time. He also got into an elevator I was in, at the Jefferson Hotel, in Richmond. He stood close to the corner away from me with sunglasses on. I wanted to say," Dude, I have no interest in asking for an autograph."

Ollie North- rude. When I had to buy a riding helmet at a local saddlery, I bumped into him when I turned around after selecting my helmet. I said "sorry" before I looked up to see who it was. He just glanced down at me and continued walking with his nose in the air. My grandparents used to attend a church he went to, and they agree that he is not very pleasant.

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