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Snowstorm in Toronto

We've had an ample warning. But, as it often happens, no matter how prepared we think we are the nature has a way to remind us that we are just players in the nature's production with an unknown finale.
The snow started falling in Toronto last night, December 15, and when we woke up this morning the world outside the window was transformed. At least 15 cm of snow covered streets, driveways, cars, roofs and an odd child toy that was left on the backyard from the summer that now seemed distant as a dream.
We thought we will start clearing up the snow once it stopped, but as the white substance continued to fall from the sky as if somebody was saving it for a long time for this particular day, we dressed into snowsuits, got our shovels out and dug in. Living in Canada, snow is hardly a surprise in the middle of December, but snowfalls like today are to be remembered. Even my mom visiting from Moscow noted that she hasn't seen such a big snowfall since she was a little girl and their neighbors had to dig them out.
As it continued to snow we worked for 2-3 hours. Steadily the whole street was out in force with plows and snow blowers defying the nature, earning our right to feel in control. We cleared the snow from our driveways and the walkways and then helped our elderly neighbors. In the end we went home happy, even though snow continued to cover the freshly cleared ground. This is winter in Canada and not only we can get through we will enjoy every moment, I think.

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