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Struggling to open my eyes I sat up. Not knowing if the voice I had heard was real or not. It sounded like hers. Squeaky, almost, with amazing precision and clarity as it uttered sweet words.

I walked toward the window, stunned by the bright, winter morning before me. My breath seemed heavy and filled the air. The dryness of a home filled with the stale air of a gas furnace soon became a reality.

I left and maintained her voice in my head... or was it at my side. Still, I wasn't certain.

Suddenly, it was loud, really loud. It screamed so loud my eyes shot open again. My ears seemed to pop in the tranquility of her scream.

I reached quickly to my right and yanked as hard as I could. The chord came lose from the wall a lot more easily than I'd imagined it would. Her screams fell short and the lights went out. Again I was on my own.

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