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How i met my niiggs obama
[ Non-fiction : Elections/ ]

Yo so i was cruzin through some hoodhshit shit in new orleans blowin up and shit you know, cause im a souf side crip crud and shit was going down all day dog. i was mackin bitches and just strait up ball 9in it dow. i straited up and gots me a trips dub and got bout 45 bones so i cruzed down to micks to pick up some 40 oe i needed some potion you know
and then i saw barack obama and his mama just chillin drinkin mayo strit out the can so i rode up real nice and poured some oe on his loafas and he called me and incuncidite sidisen i was like yo mofuckagetoutmywaybitchshit
and he cruded off real fast
he saw my mofuckin tears

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