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Who needs Facebook anyways

I am not a fan of social networks like Facebook. But like many others I got drawn in when one of my co-workers invited me to check out pictures of our colleagues she posted on Facebook. So I registered and joined the ranks of millions of people around the Globe, who find that communicating through virtual social network substitutes the real life or for whatever other reason, of which boredom, I suspect, is not the last one.

Nevertheless, I decided to use Facebook to advertise my website, which you are currently visiting. I deposited some money from my credit card on my advertising Facebook account, assuming I would get an e-mail notification when the money runs out similar to those sent by Google Adwords program. Instead I got a huge credit card bill for, what I later learned, was automatic withdrawals by Facebook.

Apparently Facebook people got an impression, that once they got my credit card number they could use it as their own, or may be they have another explanation for regular charges to my credit card without a single notification by e-mail or otherwise. I contacted the credit card to let them know that I did not authorize the transactions from Facebook and they reversed the charges. In response, still without a single word,
Facebook suspended my account for, I can only assume, my canceling their withdrawals.

I was extremely disappointed that a global site like Facebook is so inept in communicating with their clients. Even after my account was suspended without a clear explanation, I couldn't find a way to contact the site administration to discuss the matter.
I had a bad feeling about Facebook from the start, now I know why.

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Comments from Our Readers

  "facebook sux but I love it!" - Shire, January 24 2008 - reply

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