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Heath Ledger

Since I saw "Batman Begins" in 2005 I was looking forward to the sequel, mainly because Christopher Bale's portrayal of the hero was so real and nothing like his cartoonish predecessors. So, my anticipation of "Dark Knight" was about how Batman character is going to develop, not so much about the last role of Heath Ledger.
After seeing "Dark Knight" last night the most prominent memorable impression by far was left by the psychopathic Joker artfully played by Heath Ledger. I could hardly imagine that this young actor had such a multidimensional talent. The grotesque make up and the face scars do not make the character appear fake, but rather complete the image of the psychopath. It seemed to me like every body else, including Bale, where Ledger's accessories, without his performance the film would have been ordinary and a bit too long.
Thinking about the intensity and the emotional and physical energy reserves Ledger must have required to produce this unforgettable character one can't help to wonder if that played a role in the actors untimely death. Was he so immersed in his character, so absorbed by the psychosis he was portraying that he needed a cocktail of sleeping pills to help his mind separate illusion from reality.
We will never know.
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Comments from Our Readers

  "I always loved the Batman with Jack Nicholson. Didn't like the others as much, but this one got me excited. Haven't seen it yet, but can't wait to do so!" - Jani, July 23 2008 - reply
  "Wow, the thought never occured to me that he might have been overdosing on meds to play the role. Or maybe he lacked sleep while playing the role of Joker(intentionally?). After finishing his role, his sleeping patterns might have been messed up, so he probably accidentally overdosed on medication." - Rock, July 26 2008 - reply
  "There is an interview with Ledger on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKa-aDga1fE, where he talks about the demanding nature of the role. He also appears like bugs crawling under his skin. " - Stan, July 26 2008 - reply

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