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Experiencing Olympics
August 20 2008

Olympic soccer semi finals
Argentina vs Brazil

How exciting it was to learn that 2 of my favorite teams were going to meet in the match that I had tickets to! It created a day full of slowly building adrenaline, all the way until it was time to enter the stadium. As I approached the entrance, there were tons of people, some squeezing their way through the gate, some milling about, and others just happy to be part of the action. After buying a Brazil flag and some face stickers, I was ready to go in. As I turned around, I saw the gate closing.

“no nO NO NO!!”

I dashed towards the gate , but it was too late. The gate was closed, and its steely guardians betrayed no emotion. They were simply nonchalant to all the commotion right in front of them. As I stood there looking nothing changed. The gate to my dream match remains closed and there was no way to sneak past the security, unless I was prepared to spend a few nights in prison. Time flew, along with my jubilant mood. I resigned myself to spend the rest of the night in solitude and sorrow, and turned to leave.

“ WOA WOA Ole ole ole ole !!! ole !!! ole!!”


“Kai men le!!Kai men le!!!”(The gate is opening! (In Chinese))

I turned and saw the gate opening. I charged with all my energy along with the highly energized crowd. Smiles and laughter was everywhere as we all realized it was simply a measure to facilitate security checks and reduce overcrowding. Mood instantly changing, I instantly approached 2 crazy looking Brazil supporters with amazing fashion sense. Desperate to take a photo with them, I passed my camera to a Norwegian and asked him for help. I took up position between the Brazilian duo, and went “BRAZILLLLLLL!!!”!

Everyone around was amazed. Even the 2 fiercely decorated Brazilians were surprised at my madness. Well, I surprised myself too! Doesn’t matter, I got myself a great picture! What’s a little bit of embarrassment for that! As I got my camera back, I looked at the display, and to my utmost disappointment, there was nothing. That ass had forgotten to turn on the camera and didn’t really bother. As I looked to get another shot, but my fellow fans were long gone. Damned. Bloody frustrated. So much for the loud Brazil.

With 5 mins to kick off, there was no time to lose! I ran to the nearest stairway and asked for directions to my seat.

“Oh im so sorry, its there.”

The usher pointed her finger neither left nor right, but right across the stadium.

“Oh my god” I thought to myself.
And hell, there was no way I could run inside the stadium to the other side. I bolted down the stairs, and began my own 3000m steeplechase event to round the stadium, jumping past various obstacles, avoiding water bodies and thousands of moving hurdles carrying popcorn. Breathless, I finally reached my seat and wow, it was breathtaking.

The match certainly needed no reporting on my part, as it ended 3-0 to Argentina, gifted by a lazy Brazil and very card-happy referee. Brazil was abject, leaving the pitch with 9 men and yet again lost their chance to lay their hands on the elusive Olympic gold.

The highlight of the match was between 45min and 45 min. Yes. Half time. Kobe Bryant seemed to have accidentally strolled into the stadium for the match! Half time never looked that exciting for the fans before! The crowd was more passionate than any goal scoring moment or the any tricks the samba kings had displayed. Everyone jumped out of their seats strained to look at him below. Taking some shine of the match onto himself, he attracted tons of attention, as many fans rushed to take photos of him, however minute it was. As the game neared its end, Kobe rose to leave, and a great many parts of the stadium rose as well, waving fanatically to him. The pitch didn’t seem to matter.

“KE BI!! KE BI!!! KE BI!!!” shouted the Chinese crowd.
It was all on top of the amazing action on the field. Yet, the Chinese were more focused on waving Kobe goodbye then the match itself. Well, no one could help it, not even the security. Wonderfully exciting!

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