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The racist undertones of Sarah Palin
October 8 2008

The only people who I have ever known to be cruel to animals also appeared to have a deep underlying fear of them. Especially the most beautiful of them, the strongest of them. They are especially drawn to be cruel to the most popular animals or the ones who are most often regarded as the animal nearest the top of their respective food chain. Such as wolves, cats, bears... and Sarah Palin appears to be alternately cruel and terrified of them all.

Coincidence? I think not. In my time watching and closely interacting with racist movements, the most prevalent thing I have learned is about fear and how it manifests. Fear permeates racism. Fear is almost always the root cause of racism and is the most compelling, motivating factor in continuing to remain active in a pathology that defies all logic. Fear is how racist organizations recruit. Every single recruitment method can be boiled down to a comradery of the fearful and stimulating anger at the helplessness they feel when they are afraid. And fearful people never want to be alone. So they gather with those who are afraid of the same thing.

I recently watched a clip on CNN from four women who attended aerobic classes and went on some outings with Sarah Palin. None of them said they would vote for her, they stated that they were still "undecided". What struck me most is when the interviewer asked them to tell us something that we don't know about Sarah Palin. One women said that she has killed and skinned a moose. Another woman said that Sarah was terrified of her cat. This is the strongest impression she made on women who were her friends. Having known her for years, they didn't have enough confidence to vote for her at the time of this interview and the strongest impression that she left on them was her cruelty and fear of animals.

In the past week she made a statement that Barack Obama was not “like one of us". The host of a popular CNN show reviewing the spectacle asked a Republican commentator about the statement. After playing the clip of a smug Palin stating how Obama "is not like us and other Americans" the news host asked, "Who is 'us'?”, when questioning the racist overtones. The Republican pundit laughed it off and the host went no further.

I remember watching Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention, refusing to acknowledge Obama by his name. From the first moment I witnessed her avoid his name at a time when a name would've been most appropriate, I watched intently. I was waiting for her to acknowledge him by his name and she never did it once. She was the only speaker at the entire RNC convention to do this. I knew that this is something that I had witnessed racist organizations encourage their recruits to do. It is also a way of identifying each other in normal society without having to be obvious about their affiliations. Many bigots are far too afraid to be obvious. So they use less noticeable methods of identification such as capitalizing their own identity (Conservative) while decapitalizing another's (liberal), as was evidenced in a comment to a story recently published on storyleap.com by an obvious homophobe.

Sarah Palin was quoted by a waitress who served her during a luncheon a few days after Obama secured the Democratic Party's presidential nomination as saying, "So Sambo beat the bitch!". The source, Lucille, who was fearful of having her full name published, stated that Palin was there with 5 or 6 other comrades who all began laughing at the statement. She has been reported as calling aboriginals in the area everything from "Arctic Arabs" to "mukluks" to "f***ing Arabs" by a notable number of Alaskans and Wasillians interviewed. Instead of trying to associate Obama with terrorists that he barely knows, she may need to look around her lunch table to see which terrorists she may be "palling around" with. Racists have caused more domestic terrorist acts in the U.S. that any other kind of terrorist.

In an effort to gain a better understanding of racist movements, I spent some time interacting with some of their members on a personal level and even appearing on some of their radio shows. Everything they said and did was based on a state of fear and the desire to act out violently in response to that fear.

The lead topics they covered on a consistent basis covered included fear of poverty due to the financial and business successes of Jews. It also included a deep rooted fear that a person of African descent will charm and seduce their significant other or potential significant others and take them away, leaving them lonely. They ranted angrily in regards to a fear of joblessness because of Mexican immigrants. The fear that they will lose their “white” identity if the genetic pool continues to mix. Issue after issue all boiled down to fear, fear, fear.

In each of these cases they expressed the inclination or desire to react violently in response to each of these fears. They wanted to execute terrorist acts every time they felt afraid. Of course, these fears could have been abated by simply learning how to compete and better yourself. “Step up your game” is a phrase we use in Brooklyn, NY in response to such situations. But these people were too afraid to even do that.

There is a one in five chance that Sarah Palin would become President if John McCain is elected. He is simply too old to give us any realistic assurance that she will never be our leader. If we have another President who secretly harbors these feelings it would stand that they may be inclined to act out violently in response to their own fears as well. George Bush did.

-Camille W.
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Comments from Our Readers

  " I live in the Canadian Arctic and I have spoken to several inut who have relatives in Alaska. They have all told me that Palin has referred to the Aleut as "Tundra monkeys"." - Robert, October 9 2008 - reply
  "Sarah Palin is a danger to the American people.Only idiots can vote for her and Mc Cain. You vote for the Republican,you regret." - Henry Masson, October 11 2008 - reply
  "Well said! " - Rico, October 24 2008 - reply

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