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Your Justice or Mine?
March 18 2009

When one hears stories of abuse, of torture and of rape, do you wonder what you would do if it was your family member. How often in one's own lifetime do we hear first hand, of an encounter that traumatizes one soul to the core, and have it impact them for the rest of their lives? How often do we hear about child abuse, about rape, about locking people up for the sexual reasons these creeps think of?

When one hears stories of the sentencing that gets placed down on these people, doesn't one cringe? I wonder something.... Why is it if you get caught with drugs for whatever purpose, you get a long sentence in jail; yet, if you victimize another person, you really get a slap on the wrist. If you murder someone, then you get years to life in jail; maybe even the death penalty, which does take years to happen, yet when you harm a person's soul, you only get a bit of time?

When one hears of stories of someone who has molested there daughter or even son, or other children, they don't seem to get much time, they don't seem to be held accountable for there actions, they don't seem to be held for the years of torture these individuals do go through.

I do know these things, and I do know that I lost my innocence to my dad, not my future husband. I do know that for almost 30 years, I have been carrying the pain of those years of abuse and trauma and all he got was 14months, but out at 9 months for "good behaviour" Well he is over it and I am still struggling. All over the world it is like this. They can't seem to get that many years, but it does send the message it is ok for that to happen, because society and the courts say so.

If I had justice, they would pay for lives lost and they would spend eternity in jail and in hell. I wish I knew how to make a difference and I wish I knew how to make people hear the voices of the innocent people. We are the ones who usually end up in jail, or in institutions or even dead. They really should be handed life in jail or at least years in jail. Even in the Austria case, they could not do that much by law, about what he did, only if they could find him guilty of murder. How messed up is his children now? they are tormented, and he gets a slap on the wrist. Anyone who gets victimized continuously, knows how bad it hurts and the pain stays for life. When will we be heard? What can I do to make the governments listen and change there laws?
Is it going to be your justice or Mine?
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