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Rockets, Spring and Wisdom...What more can I say?
April 5 2009

Rockets, how many songs and poems have been written about rockets…What could be poetic about a rocket? Why is everyone, every country in the world so intent on having the biggest and the best rockets? Thank you, North Korea for giving me this inspiration today…I was almost at a loss for a subject…Rockets…no matter how you look at them, describe them, think of them – they are vessels of war…War, no matter how you look at it, or describe it is the act of killing, maiming, inflicting injury, and terrorizing.
My oldest son, just twenty one years of age fought in two wars. My second son looks forward to graduating high school and his turn to defend his country in the upcoming war…A war which he is sure will come. A war which we all know will come. No matter how much we say that we hope it won’t happen – history repeats itself. The straight forward facts of our daily life prove this over and over again.
I believe in hope. I believe in G-d. I believe G-d gives us hope…but he also gave us intelligence. This intelligence along with hope has been the source of the greatest novels, the most amazing discoveries and inventions and the victories of many wars. Now wisdom…well, apparently that’s another topic entirely…And anyone claiming wisdom, well that’s the one to avoid – the one whose wisdom is surely lacking. Maybe G-d just didn’t give us wisdom. Maybe wisdom is something that only comes with age and experience coupled with intelligence and hope. Maybe this is the root of all of our problems – yours and mine; the peoples and the individuals.
Maybe we just haven’t accumulated enough years of intelligence; enough experience to cultivate the wisdom needed to ‘know’ that there need not be another war… I know that I do not have this kind of wisdom. I know that our leaders do not have this wisdom. Maybe we just don’t have the wisdom as a people to elect the ‘wise' leader who actually may have that hope…Or, maybe that leader hasn’t been ‘revealed’. I am not just talking about the Middle East. Look around. It seems that any country that can participate in a war, can and does, no matter how it’s leaders define what they’ve done. Bombs, guns, tanks and rockets when firing are engaged in war…a show of power…
Spring is definitely in the air. Passover and Easter are approaching. This is a time of hope. This is the season G-d has given us to remind us that things can be different. Just go outside and smell the citrus flowers – any flower…The grass, the green buds on the trees. It’s Spring. I believe that is G-d’s way of showing us that things can change and rebirth is possible. Perspectives can change. There does lay within us the ability to grow and change. I believe that this is the message conveyed when we say and feel, ‘spring is in the air.’
Don’t get me wrong; I myself, with all of my hope and belief, am conflicted and lacking wisdom. I am proud of my sons –What they’ve done and what they will do to defend themselves and their country. I believe we need to remember our history to protect us from repeating mistakes and to save us in and from the future. I know that I lack the wisdom to see the future any other way.
And by the way, it’s well over 1000 days and nights and Gilad Shalit is still being held in a tunnel somewhere in Gaza, the Gaza that we supposedly crippled, but not enough to free the prisoner and stop the rockets…It’s well over 1000 days that he suffers, that his mother, his father, his brother have spent worrying and praying…It’s been over 1000 days – no Red Cross contact, no mercy, no word…There just is no wisdom –not here.
I wish us all a good and peaceful spring, one of freedom and redemption …and may wisdom be revealed…someplace.

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Comments from Our Readers

  "I'll ditto that; let wisdom be revealed and reign. that sounds so needed. hugs Nava " - nava, April 6 2009 - reply
  "Beth - there's pain in birth. Spring is often called the time of "new birth" - new things come to life and you've brought both sides of the equation together beautifully. Joy and expectation coupled with pain and confusion. Hope and Gilad's absence. Thank you." - Nurit, April 7 2009 - reply
  "Beth, You hit the target. Wisdom is something which is lacked and with time and the right leaders maybe we wont some day some century from now have history repeat itself, when it comes to wars, rockets, weapons hatred,killings etc.. All we can do as parents, friends, lovers, teachers, is teach and share with our children the wisdom, love, friendship that we have so it can be passed on. They are our future. " - Casey , April 10 2009 - reply
  "Great job!!" - Laura, August 28 2009 - reply

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