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Hopeless and Helpless
May 30 2009

She walks from one side of the bar to the other. The poorly-lit room serves daily as a reminder of how bleak her future looks. She seems like she was attractive once. Now, she is just a shell of what she once was. Dark circles surround the blue glimmer of her eyes. The shine that was once present in those eyes has now gone dull with the passing of time. She sweeps away the bangs of her hair from her eyes to reveal the desperation that she had imprisoned behind those blue eyes that shined out through the dull background of the room.

Hiding her shame, she goes on about her night. Gradually, she contemplates what the rest of her night will involve. It will be a long night filled with deeds that she would not have been able to fathom before her arrival in this country. She wakes ever night screaming as she relives her deeds of the passing week in her nightmares. No one ever asks for this kind of hopeless existence, but this life had become the norm for her.

Whatever could she do to escape from this world of sin and terror? She could try to sneak away from her captors, but there was nowhere for her to run. There was no law to run to for help. The police was on their side. The girls who had dared to run away lived everyday averting the police at every turn. The owner of the club held her visa, and without her visa, she would be arrested as an illegal immigrant at the first chance.

Hope was fading as she went on through the night. Customer after customer, she made her captors very happy with her performance. That is if you can call it performance. The nights wore on one after another. Her life was lived in that dark and dreary place for three long years.

Finally, her captors decided after three years that she had fulfilled her dirty contract. She knew that her term was completed. She had looked forward to this day with much anxiety. She had experienced a terrible three years.

That morning, the elderly lady came up the stairs to where her cell was that she slept. Her intention on that day was to the blue-eyed girl her plane ticket taking her back to her home. It seemed like the decent thing to do after all of the money that the young girl had made her. The old woman knocked on the door quitely. With the touch of her knuckles on the door, the pieces of wood that they called a door slowly slid open. As the door opened, a fallen-over chair was revealed lying on the ground. A shimmering pair of legs floated in the air above the chair. The blue-eyed queen of the night swung ever so slightly from side to side at the end of a piece of extension cord.

She had ended her life on the eve of her freedom. Many of those who investigated the case asked why she would have killed herself just before she was to be set free. The answer to that question was found on piece of paper that was placed on her pillow. The note served as her last statement to the world.

It read in broken writing,"I surrender myself with the only hope of forgiveness for the last years of my life. I feel that no longer am I able to return to the world of real people. I would never be able to face my family and friends after the things that I have done, and there is no way that I could go on living the life that I have. All I ask is for some kind of forgiveness for the things that I have done. Forgiveness from my friends and family, I ask. Above all, I hope for forgiveness in the next life for the sins of my youth."

On that night, the blue-eyed queen had ended her life. She returned to the earth from which she came. She took nothing with her and left only a memory. Her name will not be remembered in history. She will only be remember as the blue-eyed girl of the night.
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Comments from Our Readers

  "Reminds me of the movie "Taken", but your story feels more personable than the film. " - Stan, May 30 2009 - reply

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