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Real-Life Disaster Picture
[ Non-fiction : Prose/Survival/ ]

Massive mud slides swallowing whole villages in one earthly roar. Entire apartment complexes toppled like tinker toys. Wide swaths of land devoured by an unmerciful destructive power. 80,000 dead. Tens of thousands injured. Millions left homeless…

No, this is not a description of the latest Hollywood disaster film…this is a brief highlight of the real-life tragedy of the recent earthquake to ravage Asia.

While all the pictures we’ve seen may be worth a thousand words, collectively they still can’t begin to tell the real story of the horrors people experience in the wake of such a calamity. Yes, the photo of the sagging man carrying the blood-stained fallen child becomes easily seared into our hearts and minds. But only when people -- the helpless and the helpers -- tell their own stories, in their own broken words, can we begin to have a glimpse – if only the tiniest inkling – of what it feels like to walk in their wounds.

By opening their hearts and sharing their stories, their pain begins to thaw the ice around our own hearts. It allows us to not only empathize with their suffering and reach out to offer aid, but it also enables us to feel our own unresolved pain…and reach in to offer ourselves a healing hand.

By sharing our stories -- your stories -- we meet in a place where we are all connected, where our differences fade into the backdrop, and our commonalities take center stage. We become stronger, more understanding, and hopefully more compassionate.

By sharing our stories we realize, finally, that we are all in this together.

“As a screenwriter, author, journalist, and consultant, Derek Rydall has sold, optioned, or been hired on assignment for over 20 film and TV projects, written several books, articles, infomercials, commercials, and other marketing materials. He has been a staff writer for Fox and Disney, Deepak Chopra, a writer/consultant for fortune 500 companies, and various other professionals – helping people from around the world take their projects to the next level! His latest book, I Could've Written a Better Movie than That!: How to Make Six Figures as a Script Consultant-- Even if You're Not a Screenwriter, is due out November.

Contact: www.scriptwritercentral.com
(661) 296-4991.”
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