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June 8 2009

"What was that someone said? Oh now I remember now ~~They said I was dead.
HMMM, got news for them ~~ I am just one step ahead.
When someone said O M G ~~ They simply called on ME.
For that is what I am ~~Their God you see.
What else was I to think?
I heard it just the other day
Those little words ~~They branded on me.
When from the schools me they banned
I decided it was time to take a stand.
I bet they don't know I am even still around
And I laid that path on which they are bound ~~ OMG.
What a treat ~~ To be remembered by letters that sweet.
They said that word again ~~They use that word
When they express surprise. Like when they see
Oh, I don't know ~~ Perhaps a sunrise.
Perhaps they were in total awe ~~ When somebody broke their jaw.
They never realized they were talking to Me
When they muttered O M G.
I ain't dead ~~ I ain't the one
Who said ~~ 'Yeah, shoot 'em ~ Here's the gun'.
I was there when those towers went down
I was there to help someone else keep their feet on the ground.
And I am still hanging around.
For everytime someone says My name
I answer~~Even if it is in Vane.
Now, what was it you said?
Someone thinks I am dead?
OH NO ~~ I am just one step ahead.
Someone else just called my name
I heard it again ~~ And It was one in the same.
They said ~~ O M G
Who else is it, if it ain't me?
Go ahead look around
Yep, those are my footprints on the ground.
For you see ~~ OMG ~~ Is still one in the same.
You called on Me ~~ When you said ~~ OMG.
Have no worry ~~ I am still here.
Your Creator and Friend".
Love Ya,

(c) amy jean a.k.a. a.j. angerstein (messenger)
copywrite a.j. angerstein 04/07/09 rvsd. 04/22/09

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