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June 8 2009

"Hi ~ It's me again ~ and I've come up
With perhaps a new spin.
When you say or think OMG
Why don't you just add PHME?
Are you thinking what does that mean?
Well think about it ~ it stands for~ Please help me.
I know you are busy doing earthly task
So just take a second and simply ask.
I see and hear everything you do, think or say
I see all the interruptions that get in your way.
I feel the frustrations that you are going thru
So I can always send an Angel to help you.
They can be by your side ~ when someone cuts you off
Or brings all that traffic to a complete halt.
If you take a deep breathe ~ and just think that phrase
I will do just what you say.
I know about the people on the corners you see
The ones who say they want to spread the word about me.
I see the ones who hold up the signs
I know the ones who are really in a bind.
Perhaps giving a snack or pair of socks
Would help someone ELSE in my flock.
So when that frustration hits hard and hurts
Just twist it around into a perk.
Just think OMG ~~ PHME.
Then just relax ~ for I really am on the case you see.
Some may call me by a different name ~ it's okay
For it's all one in the same".
Love Ya,
God -- Your Creator and Friend

(c) amy jean a.k.a. a. j. angerstein (messenger)
copywrite a. j. angerstein -- 04/20/09

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