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Everyone Is Human
June 8 2009

Everyone is Human

The old lady stood in the shade / waiting for someone who had something to trade.
Her belongings in a wire basket lay / human acquaintance she kept at bay.
Her hair was held back by bobby pins / her coffee cup was made of tin.
The patched up coat was really hot, but she dare not lose it, it softened her cot.
Her pillow was old but covered in silk / it helped her dream to the hilt.
She remembered a time made of gold / wondering how she ever got this old.
Her tattered clothing was worn and frayed / yet she held her head high
As if to say;

I am here on this earth because someone wanted it that way.
I shall live my life the best I know how
Even if it means I sleep on the ground.
This life I lead may not be for you, but please remember Im human too.

The old lady pushed her basket away
Searching for someone who had something to trade.

amy jean
July 2003
a.k.a A. J. Angerstein

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