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kinks AND thinks, and brinks
June 9 2009

It seems like just when you think that you have it all under control, something, or someone throws a kink in the hose and water spews everywhere. It gets all over and there is just no more control, you have to rethink the entire situation. Like for instance, yesterday.
Here I am thinking, oh yeah, made it thru payday just fine, and everything is under control. Then I get in the car. It seems sluggish, for some odd reason. As I drive a little farther, I start up a hill. My foot goes down on the pedal, and instead of speeding up, it roars loudly and slows down. I am now crawling up this hill. It isn't even a mountain, it's just a slighly angled hill in the middle of the road, and my top speed is all of 10 miles an hour. Now, I could understand this if I were in an 18 wheeler, or even a motorcoach, but not an ordinary van. I think, 'well, maybe I got bad gas somewhere or other.' As I finally approach the top of the hill and start to coast down the other side to a stop light, the light turns red and then green. Green of course, means go, but to my van it means,,,,, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,,, a horrid grinding noise when I step on the GO pedal. I finally make it into a parking lot and think, "okay, I have made it two whole blocks, can I make it back home." I turn the key and it starts talking to me. It says, "WHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ", and now my GO pedal is starting to go "GRRRRRRRRRRRR" again. I AM STARTING TO PRAY, PRAY VERY HARD. I wait for the traffic to subside, which took a good 30 or 40 minutes, and then finally very slowly made my way back into the road, headed back home. I would just have to find another method of getting to the store. As I pull thru the gate of our complex, a very young child runs out into the road in front of me. The lady runs out after the child, and is screaming at him. Of COURSE< I am slamming on the brakes,, which say,,,,,,,, "EKKKKKKKKKK" and SCREEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHH", thank God they are working. Then the lady lets the child down and he does it again to another car. She once again yells at the kid, threatening to beat his little _______ if he doesn't stay out of the road,, and in the front yard. The other driver looks at me and shakes his head, then the woman looks at him and says "WHATS U LOOKIN AT??? AIN'T you ever threatened ur child before???" He says,, "UH NO" I just watched them,, she told him to F_____ off, I got into it, and told her"""""""" WELL I'M GONNA GET OUT AND WHOOP U'R _________ IF YOU DON'T START WATCHING THAT KID BETTER", AND FINALLY JUST ROLLED ON INTO MY SPACE. THOSE KINKS AND THINKS AND BRINKS JUST ALMOST MADE ME CRY. BUT THEN, I FIGURED,, WELL AT LEAST MY CAR BROKE AND THE CHILD DIDN'T GET HIT, AND PERHAPS SOMEONE SHOULD KICK THAT MOM'S BOOTY, AND OH WELL, IT'S ONLY A TRANSMISSION,, SO NOW,, VAN'S GOING UP FOR SALE,, KINKS, THINKS AND BRINKS,, CORNERS, WHRRRRRRRRS AND GRRRSSSSSSS WHZZZZZZZZZZZZ, GEZZZZZZZZZES, AND FINALLY SLEEPZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ AND today is a new day. HAVE A GREAT ONE.

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  "I hate days like the one you had, well written lol. That mother deserves to be told off about her child, but nice to know kid is OK. Thanks for your comment on my story Miracle By Chance. Keep writing!!" - tenderangel, July 2 2009 - reply

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