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Dreaming of Obama
June 13 2009

I dreamt about Obama...It seems like I was in Washington or President Obama was here in Ottawa but I went to see him. Apparently one of my friends knew Barak and was going to try and arrange for me to meet him. I was sitting out in the courtyard texting my friends when Barak walked in. He seemed like he was trying to steal away into a quiet place for some time alone or for a smoke. I approached him ; apologizing for doing so. It is a pleasure to meet you, I`m a nurse in Toronto, Canada and I support your health care plan for America. I support you and I`m proud of what you`ve accomplished. You have a beautiful family. I shook his hands and left. I had to text my friends and let them know what just happened. I met up with my friend Dorcas and we met up with our friend who had the connections to go to a dinner party. At the party there were dignitaries and senators, mingled with some other people from the upper echelon of society. Our seat was all the way in the back, away from all the action but we were happy to be there nonetheless. We were enjoying ourselves and for some reason we got the attention of Barak. Being as gracious as he is, he came to say hello and brought his whole family with him. Michelle and the girls came over and we engaged in some small talk. She even got the girls to show off their singing skills. We all felt like they were interested in us as people and they wanted to solicit our help in making society better. I wish my dream was true, but somehow I see it happening one day!
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