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Living with Dementia
June 14 2009
[ Non-fiction : Health/ ]

I am a caregiver for the second time. My grandfather had Alzheimers, but I find this to be far worse than what he had. My mother has been stricken with Alzheimer's type Dementia. It progresses faster than Alzheimer's as I have already seen significant changes in her.

For those of you who are beginning your struggle with a loved one who was just diagnosed with a form of this horrible disease, I want to let you know you aren't alone.

As a caregiver you will witness your loved one change slowly or rapidly depending on which form they have. They will become emotional at the drop of a hat, argumentative about everything, thinking they can still do what they normally did everyday.

One of the first things I had to do was to take my mother's mercedes away from her. That was a long battle but I got it done.

Now the struggle is eating. She says she is hungry then when you put food in front of her she takes 2 bites then says I'm full or it doesn't taste like it used to. Even smaller portions won't work.
Be prepared to waste a lot of food until you get this matter resolved.
I don't know how it will get resolved with my mom, as I finally am getting her to drink Ensure which will help, but like all good things, I forsee her in a month or two, or maybe sooner, tell me she doesn't like that anymore either.
Oh, and did I mention that she was heavy, and has now dropped over 55 pounds. That would be great if it was done properly, she did it from not eating.

She is also getting weaker. She can't walk very far without having to sit and is having trouble picking up her feet when she walks. She fell this morning outside of the hotel we were staying in, and she said she tripped, she didnt, it is because she is weakened by not eating, although she will never admit it.

She says her brain tells her things, like she is a burden, and that maybe if she weren't around anymore.

You have to watch your loved one very carefully.
you be in control of their medicines, keep them in a safe environment, and most of all try to keep them happy and active, which at times can seem hopeless. That is where I am at now, but I am not going to give up.

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