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June 15 2009
[ Non-fiction : Romance/ ]

I met a man. He is younger than me and a writer like I am. We started talking at an online dating site. He lives in Los Angeles and is working on some television scripts for the pilot of a new TV show.

He needs help with the writing and was drawn to my profile. He said I sounded creative, fun, sexy. He read a few of the things I've written and said he liked my writing style too.

I was drawn to him too but never let on when we would talk. He would call me 'gorgeous' and flirt and I would tell him that I thought we should keep our relationship professional.

Besides, he was in Los Angeles and probably would never make it to Dallas anyway. right? So last week he came to Dallas. He would call me and try to set up meetings and I would be too busy to meet him.

It went on like this for a week until this morning. He caught me at home and said he wanted to meet for coffee.

By sheer and amazing coincidence, he was right down the street from where I live. He had a meeting with a cartoonist on another project.

So we met at the local Starbucks. He showed me the Pilot Episode for his new TV show. I could see that he had put alot of thought and work into it. I could also see that he was a decent writer.

He looked just like his pictures...tall, big guy...African American, 38 years old...very attractive. After we had talked about various writing projects for an hour he finally says, "So what do you think of me?"

"You're a great-looking guy...very talented," I told him.

"Are you drawn to me? because I think you're a very sexy woman."

"Jimmy, I think you're a smart, sexy guy but I believe we should keep our relationship strictly professional."

We talked a few more minutes and then went outside. He walked me to my car, bent over and kissed me very lightly on the lips. "You have soft lips, girl," he whispered.

"Thanks Jimmy. Very nice kiss. And I enjoyed meeting you. Hope we can work together."

I stuck out my hand to shake hands with him and say good-bye. Instead he pulled me close and kissed me again.

After the kiss, I said, "Jimmy, really man...you're very hot and I am attracted to you but this isn't a good idea...not for me anyhow. At some point, I'll get my heart broken. So let's dont go down that road. Okay?"

Jimmy has a deep, sexy voice, so it didn't help when he whispered, "But you're so beautiful and I need you in my life."

I sighed. "Okay, well...don't kiss me again and I'll at least think about it...okay?"

He smiled and nodded. I think he knows I'll give in eventually.

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