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Living with Dementia--Part 2
June 16 2009
[ Non-fiction : Health/ ]

This is a continuation of my story.

Today was a doctor's appointment. It went well. Don't ever let a person with Dementia go into see the doctor by themselves, they will come out telling you everything is fine. Trust me on this.
Even with me going in there, she tried to tell the doctor she was fine, although he kept shooting me glances.
For the most part everything was fine.

He didn't like the fact of how she was losing the weight (see part 1). Her blood pressure was 100/40 which is the lowest it has ever been, and she has high blood pressure, adn has been on medication for over 30 years. He was even able to cut one drug out completely and reduce the dosage on another.

Now on to the not eating, she told him that she eats some. WRONG. She was down to eating nothing, and we would have arguments about it, and she would cry. Dementia patients cry at the drop of a hat.

He told her to eat at least 4 scoops of ice cream 2 times a day or drink 2 milk shakes, or Ensure.

So when we left his office, we all went out for lunch. I ordered her a milkshake. Guess what? She drank about 1/4 of it then said she was finished. I told her the doctor said she has to drink it all, and she started crying. She did drink some more, although she didn't finish it.
She claimed the reason she couldn't finish it is because it was to sweet, and that sweets take away your appetite. I told her it cant take away what you don't have.
I am afraid this new idea of milkshakes isnt going to last very long. She gives up to quickly.

The doctor stated that the Dementia is affecting the part of the brain that regulates hunger and appetite. She says her brain tells her she isn't hungry, and trying to get her to listen to me or my son over her brain, is almost an impossible task.

But we keep trying.
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