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July 4 2009

Will the owner of the straw hat I have hanging on my wall, please step up. I know you left it on that picnic table for me, along with the axe. After all, you also left a note. I called the number to thank you, but your housekeeper said you were out on a job. That was years ago. At the time, I was traveling and cell phones had not been invented. I didn't have a mobile phone, so contacting me wasn't the easiest thing to do. So, please, will that straw hat owner please step foward? I would really like to talk to you, and unfortunately have lost that number. Those days, that we shared that campground was very important to me. Not because we had an affair or anything, because we didn't. But because of the common bond we share. The two days at the campground were a traumatic experience. After all, we easily could have been murdered by that man who had escaped from the mental institution. We were fortunate that the policeman came by when he did and we told him about the man we had encountered because we knew there was something scary about it. As it turned out, he was the man who had escaped. So, please straw hat owner, please step up, so I can thank you in person for helping save our lives that day.
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