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July 5 2009

It came like a bolt of lightening
Then went disappearing into the darkness
It was beautiful for a moment
And then gone without mercy

Two years later, I thought it was gone
But moments flicker and now I feel
No other lightning captured me
Like the one in the midst of summer

I almost forgot the brightness it showed
Nevertheless, it came to remind
The power too much to diminish
Life, too ironic to forget

I hold no proof that you had come
I wonder when I’d have such a beautiful dream
Like the bolt of lightening
Like the one in the midst of summer

You’re all there ever was
You’re all there probably would ever be
You hold the answers to my dreams
You hold the keys to my heart

Tell me my dream,
Tell me the next time you plan to come
Return to my never ending fantasy
Like the one in the midst of summer

Let me know when you’re done
Done holding too tight upon the keys of my heart
Done playing with my dreams
Finished running through my mind

041707 is all I have of you
Like a bolt of lightning, you cannot catch
It was a beautiful moment of forever
Like the one in the midst of summer.
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