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A New Light
July 5 2009
[ Non-fiction : War/Conflict/Poetry/ ]

As I watch the news on the television
I see the results of everyone’s mission
Crime spreads throughout the country
Peace and truth remain a mystery.

Corruption is a worldwide problem
Innocent people we choose to condemn
Beyond, I see a ray of hopeful light
Shining throughout the dark of the night.

Swaying within the cruelty in life
I try to smile, even though in strife
Though it’s hard, I strive to stand
The light helps, it seems so bland.

Over the horizon is a rising sun
True to its mission, it brings out the fun
The hope that within forever lingers
Waiting still, to be reached by fingers.

No matter how hard life proves to be
Blind to the paths we choose to see
Still, I know, there’s hope for me
A shining, new light shines for free.
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